Five Religious History Traditions and Beliefs of the Baha’i Faith

The Baha’i Faith was based in Persia during the 19th century and is commonly practiced by many people even today. There are a lot of traditions of the Baha’i Faith that have been passed down from generation to generation. If you are interested in the Baha’i Faith then here are five of the many religious history traditions and beliefs in practice.


1. One of the most important beliefs of the Baha’i Faith is that world peace is something that is desperately needed around the world. The people who practice this religion are centered around peace and believe it is the most important aspect of humanity.

2. Family unity is also an important belief in this religion and that includes being kind to everyone within your family no matter what. Being connected with your family is an important aspect because family is often times the only people you can turn to for support, love and guidance. They do not argue or fight with people in their family and believe that problems should be overcome so that the household is serene and together as one unit.

3. On another aspect of family, the Baha’i Faith also says that all of humanity is one family and that should be in unity for the better of society. The people who practice the religion think that we are all connected because we are all human and strive to achieve the same basic goals such as happiness. This means that they believe everyone should be nice to each other and act with a kind heart and mind to even those who have wronged you.

4. The Baha’i Faith also teaches a belief of gaining knowledge through your individual mind without taking note of preconceptions. This means that instead of relying on what someone tells you to believe, think or say that you should learn and use your own mind to come to a conclusion about an issue. Instead of worrying about fitting it by just agreeing with someone else you should open your mind and eyes to inform yourself of the facts before making a judgment. We all have opinions and beliefs about different things but you should not just blindly make an assumption without first checking out the facts for yourself.

5. Men and women are also created equal and this belief has helped women gain their own rights throughout many centuries. It is important that men and women are treated equally because they were both created under one God and are both part of that creation. They have a firm belief that enabling men and women to be equal will help progress the values of society and better serve moving forward in the world.


1. All healthy adults over the age of 20 should have a yearly fasting ritual, but it is up to the individual to follow through with such tradition. This yearly fast runs from March 2 to March 20 and will help cleanse the body, mind and soul.

2. When someone decides to get married in the Baha’i Faith they first need to have consent of each living parent even if they are not part of the Baha’i Faith. This does not mean that the parent can choose the partner but it is a sign of respect to gain the consent from both sets of parents before proceeding with a wedding.

3. Premarital sexual relations and homosexual relations are also forbidden in the Baha’i Faith and is still a practicing tradition. They believe that only a married man and women should engage in sexual activities and this is something that goes back for centuries in their culture. The tradition of keeping marriage between and man and a woman is very important for the people who practice this religion.

4. Daily prayer rituals are also an important tradition as well as the history of the prayer books, which were written about central figures in the Baha’i Faith. These prayer books are held in very high regard and respected by all who practice this faith. Another important tradition relating to the prayer books is that they are often a centralized part of gatherings, where people will read different prayers aloud in the group setting.

5. Their calendar consists of 19 months with 19 days in each month and about five extra days throughout the year is also a tradition passed through the generations. Each month of the year is given a different name which is taken from a value or principle of God and throughout the year there are 11 different spiritual observances.

As you can see, this religion is not much different from many other religions around the world. The main aspect of this religion is holding everyone accountable and a connected unity within the family, community and society. Those who practice this religion have basically the same morals and values as those who practice more common religions such as Christianity and they are all values we should be holding onto no matter what. If you are thinking of getting a new religion then this just might be the right one to check into.

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