Five Reasons Seeds Are Better Than Seedlings

I used to always use seedlings and ready-grown plants in my garden. I thought the local greenhouses grew superior plants to those I could grow at home. Now I know better. Turns out it’s less risky to grow your own seedlings for the yard and garden. Plants from big box stores, and even from reputable greenhouses can carry disease that goes undetected until they arrive in your yard. That’s not the only reason to grow plants from seed, either.

Some plants prefer not to be moved. A lot of plants do better growing where they’re planted. There are many, in fact. Mostly, this is true of plants with large seeds, but some small seeded plants such as lettuce and radishes do better if started in the ground. So next time you see squash or watermelon plants at a big box store, give them a passing glance, then pass them up. You’re better off planting seeds.

Seeds are cheaper than seedlings. Well, this is obvious, isn’t it? Even if you count the soil and pots, seeds are considerably less expensive than plants. The average tomato plant costs around four to six dollars. This year I planted 24 tomatoes from seed for about $3.00. That includes soil, pots and seeds. That’s a savings of over $90.00.

Seeds provide a greater sense of accomplishment. There’s something special about planting seeds and watching them grow. You can really take pride in a job well done when you see it through from start to finish. Plus, it’s just more fun to use seeds. This year, we have the grand-kids in the house. Seeing them learn from the whole process makes all the work of growing from seed worthwhile.

Using seeds offers greater variety. Let’s face it. Your local greenhouse just doesn’t carry everything you want. Big box stores are even more limited in their selection. You can grow a much larger variety of vegetables and flowers from seeds. In fact, you can literally find a seed for anything you like. You might even be able to find heirloom seeds for those tomatoes your Dad used to grow.

You know what goes into your plants when you use seeds. Let’s not forget what commercial growers are famous for using. Those nasty pesticides and chemical fertilizers aren’t welcome in my garden. By growing from organic seed and using organic soils, fertilizers and bug repellants, I know my family is getting the healthy food they deserve. No nasties added.

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