Five Qualities of an Effective Manager

I am currently a weekly manager for a non-profit organization and have been a manager for a for-profit organization in the past. I’ve had good managers and not-so-good ones and I know the difference. I would like to point out 5 things that I know for sure are qualities in a real effective manager.

Effective managers are proactive. One thing I know and this does not include only manager: people who complain have usually taken a passive stance and are letting situations rule their life instead of taking action. Effective managers care and pay attention to the role they play in every situation.

Effective managers put customer service above money. I worked at a location that money ruled the charts. It was never about the customer being happy or served well. It was always “What’s our profit?” We had so many complaints and the manager never genuinely cared. This is not saying to disregard the financial aspect, however, a true manager REALIZES that when customers are really happy, you get more business from them and both sides win in the long term. If we only look at the what’s in it for us? we will be limited; we must ask: What are we contributing? The more people love your business, the more they buy. It will add up and you will be successful.

Effective managers have integrity. They still do what they’ve promised even if no one’s watching. They know every moment matters and they use each second the best way they can instead of wishing for it to end so they can “get out” of what they “have to do”.

Effective Managers are not on an ego trip. They do not think they are higher than all of the other employees. This is one thing I’ve noticed with managers who are constantly learning. They are using each moment as an opportunity.

Effective managers don’t criticize or judge the employees but are genuinely there to help, looking at the big picture. I knew a co-worker who would hide telling the truth about some of the work-related stuff to a manager because of the fear of being judged. Managers should be there to help, not to condemn. Effective managers don’t gossip. I know if someone gossips behind someone’s back, they probably will gossip behind my back too. Out of respect for the job environment which is an environment of learning and growth, managers should keep the environment professional and free of toxins derived from a not-so-nice talk about a specific person.