Five of the Most Overrated Vacation Spots in the United States

Summer is just around the corner, and Americans are preparing for their summer vacations. Some will thoroughly research their vacations, planning every moment to make sure they have the best time possible, while others will select a popular location and fly by the seat of their pants. Your chance of having a great vacation shouldn’t be left to fate. Some vacation spots are seriously overrated, while others do not get the credit they deserve. Read on for five of the most overrated vacation spots in the United States. It may leave you wonder whether all the hype is true behind other popular vacation spots.

Hollywood, California

So you’ve arrived in LAX, drove through hours of traffic and have finally made it to your hotel room. Where to go first, once you’ve settled in? Hollywood, of course. While Hollywood is popular as being home to the stars, there really isn’t much for us common folk to do. Once you arrive in Hollywood, you see the enormous Hollywood sign, check out the walk of fame, gawk in the windows of Rodeo Drive, what then? Unless you are truly determined you can’t exactly take a picture with the sign, unless you want to climb high into the Hollywood hills. Rodeo drive features stores that sell extravagant items that probably cost more than a down payment on a car or house. That brings me to reason number three as to why Hollywood is highly overrated. Smog. If you are used to seeing a beautiful blue sky and breathe in fresh air, then Southern California may provide quite a reality check. If you plan on vacationing on the west coast give San Francisco or Portland a glance.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is great for letting loose and losing money. It isn’t the type of place you would typically visit with your family. Do we really need to revisit the 1997 movie ‘National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation’? Las Vegas is crowded, expensive and seedy. Sure, you’re safe enough on the strip itself, but have you ever ventured away from the lights? Las Vegas can be a very seedy and dangerous place, especially if you are not aware of your surroundings. It’s called “Sin City” for good reason.

Niagra Falls (United States side)

Niagra Falls is a very popular tourist attraction in America. Honestly though, once you’ve looked down as seen ‘the falls’, what more is there to do. Niagra gets very crowded, is overpriced and a bit underwhelming if you’ve seen the Canada side prior to seeing the US side. Visiting Niagra falls is great for travelers on road trips that are just passing through, however; the falls should not be your main destination.

Wildwood, New Jersey

I may get some flack for this one from friends who visit this Jersey shore point from Memorial Day to Labor Day every summer, but I find Wildwood, NJ to be a bit boring after a day or two. I find short visits to Wildwood, NJ to be great. Wildwood features lots of rides, water parks and hundreds of thousands of tourists on any given day during the summer. The boardwalk gets packed full of vacationers, the beach is crowded and sometimes dirty and prices are high. If you are looking to stay a while at a Jersey shore point try Cape May or Avalon. These cities are a short drive from the entertainment in Wildwood and allows you to escape once you’ve had your fill.

New York City

The first time I visited New York City, I was not especially amazed. Maybe it is because I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I am used to seeing huge skyscrapers, loads of people of all walks of life and historical attractions. I enjoyed seeing the Statue of Liberty, humbled by the site of Ground Zero and had loads of fun in Madame Tussad’s wax museum, but beyond that, I found it to be an overhyped version of my home town.