Five must-have hair products

As a stylist, I find there are five key hair products that I like to always have on hand. Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, these are the best styling products you can keep around. If you have a hair emergency, these products can help you recover. If you want to get ready for a special event, these products will get you there. If you look in my bathroom, these are the same products that you will find on the shelves.

Dry shampoo. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is amazingly helpful. It absorbs greasiness, and makes hair look — and smell — cleaner. It also adds volume and texture to fine, flat hair. To get rid of grease, just spray a little at the roots, and shake or brush out. For texture and volume, spray throughout the hair. Don’t hold the can too close to your head or use too much — you’ll end up looking a bit gray around the edges!

Mousse. Mousse is the best styling product for all hair types. It is lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh your hair down. It helps give definition to curls, and volume to straight hair. It also helps hold your style all day long. Choose a mousse that is alcohol-free so that it doesn’t dry out your tresses. If your hair feels stiff after you use it, it probably means you just used too much!

Pomade. For short hair, pomade works great to make messy, spiky, or piecey styles. For long hair, you can put a little bit on your fingers and twist small sections for piecy-ness and separation. You can also use it to tame fly-aways in the winter, fight frizz, and help hold updo’s and fancy styles. For instance, put a little bit on your hands before creating twisties in your hair, and the pomade will help the twisties stay right in place. If hair turns greasy, you’ve used too much or the wrong kind.

Shine serum. This product adds shine and life to dull, dry locks. It also can help tame static in winter hair — just spritz a little bit on your hands, rub them together, and lightly run them through your hair. Or run them over the top of your head if your hair is in a ponytail. Use it on the ends of your hair to hide ugly split ends or damaged hair. Some shine serums double as a protecting spray to prevent damage from the heat and sun.

Hair spray. My favorite hair product is hair spray! You always need a little bit of spray to finish a style and hold it in place. I like a workable hold for touch-ability, and a hard hold for all day wear. Too much hair spray can make your hair stiff, sticky, and weighed down, so go easy at first. The new aerosol sprays are much safer for the environment, so don’t be afraid to pick up your fav brand and mist away!

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