Five “I” Qualities of Effective Managers

Leadership is influence. John Maxwell

Effective managers are leaders who manage teams of people to accomplish missions established by the organization all serve. Managers must be skilled human relations practitioners who experience elation inspiring individuals making up teams and the team to perform beyond their personal and organizational capacity and expectations. Managers accomplish their personal and organizational goals through influence, investment, information, inspiration, and involvement.


Merriam – Webster Online says influence is the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. This is accomplished when an effective manager intentionally engages with individuals and the entire team in ways that empower the connectedness of relationship. This relationship is established when the manager connects at the level of the humanity to all the members of the team such that they can feel her care and regard for their personal and organizational achievement. She helps the team know their experience is a shared experience.


Effective managers enjoy the privilege of investing in the people on the team as a peer group of equals with the eye on the prize of accomplishing the mission beyond expectations on time and under budget. The manager is asset both to the organization providing the mission for the team and the team. She must have access to all the tools and support necessary to provide the same to the team and the members of the team necessary to accomplish the team mission. Members of the team who know their manager has their back, is personally invested in them as persons and as members of the team will go the extra mile to perform at highest levels of expectation and more to give to the manager, the team, and the organization.


Information is key and effective managers make sure the latest most up to date information is available to members of the team and the team to accomplish their mission. Managers make sure to stay informed on cutting edge technologies, collective behaviors, and attitudes where time and money can be saved simultaneous to morale and productivity being enhanced.


Effective managers are live and animated persons with larger than life personalities that super charge the environment around them through inspiration. The air she breathes fills her with enthusiasm that radiates out and is contagious. Others are affected and empowered to feel at higher levels of energy to believe in the value of the mission to get it done. This manager prompts members of her team to turn the world upside down to accomplish the mission and feel good about doing it all at the same time.


Effective managers are with their teams. They are not away isolated where it take a treasure map to find them. These managers have close proximity to the people, the individuals and the team that they influence, invest in, inform, and inspire. Members of the team know the manager is with them and one of them. They trust the manager because she is directly involved hands on and heart on aware of their individual and shared experience.

Effective managers empower people to be more and produce more for themselves and others. They facilitate accomplished missions because they have a heart for people and are skilled human relations practitioners. They influence, invest, inform, inspire, and are involved in people development.

Some of these managers are born with natural skills. Most are forged from life’s crucible of experiences. They discover their love for life, themselves, and others prompt the discovery of a skill set that can be achieved. The end result of this discovery is community, is team, and is family focused on personal and organizational development that yields relational productivity and profit. When you find her, hire her immediately or your competition will.