Five Home Remedies You May Not Have Heard of Before

Many home remedies are well known because they work, in one way or another, to bring relief to a minor ailment. A bowl of chicken soup for a cold or an ice pack for a sprain are main stream remedies even though they started out as humble home remedies. Just because you have never heard of a particular home remedy doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, maybe it’s just that you’ve never had need of it before. File these not-so-well-known home remedies in your memory bank so you will have them on ‘file’ should you ever need them.

Seeds Cure Bad Breath

You know you’re breath is less than fresh so you pop a mint into your mouth before heading into the meeting. If the mint contains sugar, you have just masked the mouth odor for a few minutes and it will return even worse. The sugar in the mint will feed the odor causing bacteria in your mouth and bad breath will be intensified after the mint is gone, not too mention what the sugar does to teeth. Chewing on specific seeds can cure bad breath after a meal or even chronic bad breath. Toss a few dill, fennel or anise seeds into your mouth and chew for fresh breath.

A Hard Boiled Egg Relieves Pink Eye

The itchy irritation of pink eye can be relieved with a boiled egg. A boiled egg will stay hot for about five minutes and is the perfect size to use as a hot compress for the eye. Wrap a hot, hard boiled egg in a clean white wash cloth and hold it on the eye infected with pink eye. The warmth from the egg will soothe the eye and stop the itching.

Vinegar Stops Poison Ivy Itch

Summer’s almost here and the poison ivy and poison oak have already begun to grow, just waiting for you to pass by it. If you come into contact with poison ivy or oak, wash the skin area with white vinegar as soon as possible. The vinegar will remove the plant’s oil from your skin before a rash can start. If a rash has already appeared on skin from being exposed to poison ivy or oak, wash the rash with vinegar several times a day to stop the itching and dry up the rash.

Stop Baby Colic With Molasses

When young babies cry incessantly for no apparent reason, it is usually chalked up to the baby having the colic (a tummy ache). To soothe the baby’s tummy ache (and Mommy’s ears) mix a little molasses in warm water, place mixture into baby’s bottle for him to drink. Dark corn syrup (Kayro) works as well as molasses to stop baby colic.

Prevent Leg Cramps With Tonic Water

Those painful leg cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night or strike you during physical activity can be prevented by drinking tonic water before bed time or before exercising. Tonic water contains quinine, and quinine prevents leg cramps. The small amount of quinine in tonic water is safe and the tonic water can be flavored with juice before drinking.


Tonic Water for Leg Cramps