Five High-Quality Product Brands that Sell Themselves

I try to save money wherever I can, especially in these tough economic times, but there are a few instances when I choose to buy a specific brand. I have compiled a comprehensive list of products that I have found to be worth product loyalty. In addition, these products are priced quite reasonably and can be found in just about any major department store chain.

St. Ives. I use St. Ives products for my weekend facials. They are fabulous and very cost-effective. The moisturizers and very rich and I wear it under my everyday makeup. The mud-mask is comparable to some of the more expensive brand names and is just as effective. My husband has diabetes and as you may know, diabetics have a lot of trouble with their feet. He uses the St. Ives Collagen Elastin lotion on them and it keeps them healthy and soft. In addition, St. Ives products are not tested on animals, which is a plus in my book!

Fructis. I have been using this brand for a little over a year now. I highly recommend the mousse, and leave-in conditioner. While I have used several of the products in the Fructis line, I have found these two to be exceptionally good. The leave-in conditioner especially! My hair tends to be “fly-away” since I live in a very dry climate. The leave-in conditioner is great at ridding me of this problem!

Covergirl. I love Covergirl! Their makeup is easy to apply and just a little is needed to achieve a polished look no matter the skin type. They have a variety of shades and colors of foundation, eyeshadows, pressed and loose powder. I can easily achieve a flawless look with this brand and I really don’t have to use very much. I have very sensitive skin and I have found Covergirl makeup to be quite gentle.

Tide. My husband is allergic to almost every kind of laundry detergent except Purex and Tide. We used Purex for the longest time due to his allergy. One of his coworkers suggested he try Tide. We discovered he had no problems with the itchy rash he would get when we used cheaper brands. Although Tide costs a little more than Purex, it is worth the extra money. Our clothes come out so much brighter than with other brands. He is a cook and sometimes he gets stains on his white uniforms that will only come out with Tide. (Hint: Try the gel tablets!)

Noxema. When I take off my makeup or when I wash my face in the morning, I use Noxema. I have used this product since I was 14 years old. I have given other brands a try, but I always go back to this one! It does not leave residue or a waxy feeling on your face. It goes deep into your pores and gets out dirt and makeup easily. Very versatile, this product can also be used for sunburns. It soothes irritated skin and feels fresh and clean. Give this one a try if you haven’t already!

If you already use these products then you know exactly what I mean when I say they are worth purchasing. If you have discovered other products you feel are among the best on the market today, let me know! I would love to try them out!