Five Fun Dallas Day Trips

The Dallas, TX area is full of fun options for the entire family. From wildlife to trains, we’re going to go over five of them.

Glenrose, TX is about an hour and a half from Dallas, and is home to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an experience that will last forever in memories. It is a drive-through wildlife center. There is food available for purchase at the beginning of the drive-through, and it is something that should definitely be included in the budget because there’s nothing like having giraffes and ostriches eat out of your hand! This is an activity that can be only a few hours, or stretched out to last the entire day. Their hours are seasonal, so call or check their website before driving out.

Dinosaur Valley State Park is like no other place. Where else can you go and see dinosaur footprints up close? The footprints are in the riverbed, so if it is flooded they won’t be visible, and it is not safe to wander around during that time. Calling to check conditions is recommended. Like most other state parks, there are also hiking and horse trails, camp grounds, and swimming and fishing. Some of my fondest memories of family vacations are swimming in the Paluxy River in the summer.

Granbury, TX is not quite an hour and half from Dallas. It boasts a couple of fun sight-seeing activities. There is the Granbury State Historical Cemetery, which hosts the remains of Jesse James and the grandson of Davy Crockett. The second activity is the Hood County Jail and Museum. Built in 1885, it is a true ‘old west’ jail. It is only open from 1 to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Traders Village in Grand Prairie, TX is about half an hour from Dallas. Any flea market has something to please almost everyone – even if it’s just the little local one. Imagine the sights at what is America’s largest flea market. It is open every weekend from 8 am to sundown, and is sure to have something to please everyone!

In Grapevine, TX, also half an hour from Dallas, possesses every child’s dream – the chance to ride on an old fashioned train! The Grapevine Vintage Railroad runs from Grapevine to Fort Worth and back, and offers a variety of rides. Most are seasonal, but the rides range from a ‘North Pole Express’ to ‘Train Robberies’ and ‘Murder Mysteries’. Tickets are only available the day of the train rides, and range in price from $10-$14 for adults.

This is just a small sample of the many attractions and activities that are available in the Dallas area. The joy of going on day trips is to find new places that renew you in the most unlikely ways, so explore on your own!