Five Excellent Tips You Should Know to Quickly Gain Weight

Is being thin a blessing like others say it is? If you have battled with being to thin for a long period of time being super thin and trying to gain weight even just a little, just think how much gaining weight is a blessing. These tips are extremely beneficial to find your goal and make it come true.

Help Your Digestion – Always think about digestion when you are picking out foods and meals to eat. Try and pick foods that help the body to digest food easily like a nice big salad with cheese, bacon bits, chick peas, croutons and a good creamy salad dressing or even try a nice moist raisin bran muffin.

Be Comfortable – Being comfortable and trying to gain weight go hand and hand. If you are not comfortable when you eat, you might not eat the right amount of calories you need and work hard to keep up.

Keep Good Sleeping Habits – The Circadian Rhythm keeps your body running like clockwork. Actually this cycle runs like a clock and sometimes is so effective you can even wake up at the same time everyday without an alarm clock. Your body just wakes up ready to start your day. This rhythm also effects weight gain as your body slows down and unwinds for sleeping. If your circadain rhythm is off, your sleeping patterns can suffer for it causing problems with gaining weight. I am surprised all the time what our bodies can do even in these small body forms.

Relax with Yoga AM and PM – Yoga is one of the most wonderful exercise groups you can do while trying to lose weight. The intensity is nice and easy on your joints and the moves are designed to work with the natural workings of your body, so you are not shocking your body. Plus Yoga does not burn a lot of calories since you are not raising your heart rate exponentially. But your body, joints and muscles are relaxed, comfortably stretched and alive after working out with a Yoga routine. An AM stretching gently wakes up your body and gets your blood moving and the PM routine relieves the stress of the day, relaxes and calms your body and mind so you can sleep better.

Keep a Happy Stomach – Try and only eat the foods that feel good in your stomach like sliced garlic in a bowl of soup. My all time favorite is sirloin burger and vegetable soup by Campbell’s Chunky soup. And I add in a half cup of chedder cheese, one large garlic clove sliced up with a handful of croutons and a splash of hot sauce hot foods help my stomach and makes me feel more alive.

For Fast Weight Gain Try These Five Tips

You Can Gain Weight Even If It Feels Impossible