Five Alternatives to American Football

In case you haven’t heard, there is a legit possibility that the 2011/2012 NFL season won’t be played. This would be very tragic is true. While there is nothing that could fully replace the National Football League, there are a hand full of notable alternatives. Each of these sports have elements what will remind you of why you love football.

As the Grand daddy of American football, Rugby is your bet bet when looking for a reasonable alternative. Almost everything to love about the NFL is there. Scrums are a lot like the goal line stance, All legal passes are basically laterals, and you get to see big hits in every game. Rugby is football for people who cant stand Tom Brady.

Ultimate Frisbee.
Due to copyright issues, the sport of Ultimate had to drop the “frisbee” from it’s name. That interesting bit of trivia does very little to mask it’s similarities from the sport of American football. Ultimate players display theardistry of Gail Sayers, the vertical dominence3 of Randy moss, and the hawkish nature of a young Prime Time. It’s the football alternative for people who bruise easily, and don’t enjoy getting blowed up by 300 pound guys.

In professional wrestling, a standard midsection tackle is known as a spear. This move was perfected by Bill Goldberg in WCW, and is still used(in a much more laughably weak fashion) by WWE wrestler Edge. Think wrestling is nothing at all like Pro football? Why is Bart Scott picking fights with Kurt Angle in TNA Wrestling? Ocho and T.O. would fit in just fine as well.

If Rey Lewis could skate, he’d already a Canuck, Hurricane or Senators enforcer. While Rodger Goodell would like to eliminate the illegal hits from the National Football League, Gary “Big Hits”Bettman is just fine with a lot of the cheap shots that effect his star players. Watch one NHL game, and tell me would wouldn’t love to see some big ‘ole D lineman ram somebody threw the glass, into the stands, just once? Hockey is football on a frozen lake.

Street Basketball.
If your a fan of loud mouthed, diva ride receivers, than You’ll surely have fun watching the local playground ballers. Who needs a stadium full of fans cheering for you, wen you are fully capable of proclaiming unspeakable greatness all by yourself? Kobe Byrant wannabes are just like T.O. You’ll get a few highlights every so often, and hear a lot of complaining when they don’t get the ball.