Fit Smart Bar Review: From the Fiber 35 Diet

The FitSmart bar in the chocolate chunk flavor contains a whopping 10 grams of fiber, which is probably more fiber than the average unhealthy American has in a day.

Formulated by Brenda Watson of ReNew Life, the FitSmart bar is part of her Fiber 35 Diet plan that encourages people to consume a generous amount of fiber (at least 35 grams a day). Watson has a book called, “The Fiber 35 Diet.”

The Fit Smart chocolate fiber bar was chewy and tasty. The little chocolate chips melted in my mouth.

I loved the fact the FitSmart bar contains no added refined sugars, trans fats, soy, gluten or genetically modified ingredients.

I’ve also tried the Fit Smart Shake chocolate protein shake in the past, which was very filling as well.

I do recommend drinking a lot of water with the Fit Smart Bar. With Waton’s high-fiber weight loss plan, her weekly meal plan suggests having a half a high protein-fiber bar for a snack. You can have half the bar for a morning snack and the other half for an afternoon snack to stay full until the next meal.
The Fiber 35 Plan helped me shed weight because it’s so easy to lose weight when you aren’t hungry.

The Fiber 35 Diet is very similar to the 4-Hour Body Diet, which stresses eating a lot of fiber and protein.

Here are some nutritional facts to know about the Renew Life Fit Smart Bar:

No. 1: Fit Smart chocolate bar ingredients: dates, whey protein, acacia fiber, raisins, apples, chocolate chips, agave nectar, cocoa powder, walnuts, oat fiber, milled flax seeds and other ingredients. In terms of allergens, it does contain milk, walnuts.

No. 2: Fit Smart bar calories: 210

No. 3: Fat: 8 grams

No. 4: Other nutritional information: 55 mg sodium, 10 grams fiber, 17 grams sugar (mostly from dates), 10 grams protein.

No. 5: Vitamins: The product contains 25 percent of the recommended iron, 8 percent calcium.

The FitSmart bar is also great for people who are trying to limit their soy consumption. It is soy free, gluten free and kosher.

ReNew Life is based in Palm Harbor, Florida.

For my FitSmart review, I give the chocolate chunk bar 4.7 out of 5.

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