First-timer Dame Helen Mirren Could Get Raunchy on ‘Saturday Night Live’

“Saturday Night Live” scores another Oscar winner with Dame Helen Mirren, who will host the late night sketch comedy show on April 9. This will be Mirren’s inaugural turn as host, joining this year’s other first-timers Miley Cyrus and Sir Elton John. The famed British actress is promoting her film “Arthur,” the remake of the Dudley Moore classic comedy that also stars recent “SNL” host Russell Brand.

Though she did her time on the stage doing Shakespeare, and often appears in highbrow films like “Gosford Park” and “The Queen,” Mirren’s resume also includes the quirky indie comedy “Calendar Girls” and Nic Cage’s action romp “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” She earned even more fans alongside Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich in action comedy “Red” as a feisty, gun-toting former spy. Though she’ll be new to the “Saturday Night Live” stage, Mirren has appeared on similar comedy series, namely HBO’s “Tracey Takes On…” and BBC favorite “French and Saunders.”

We can probably expect a very Brit-centered episode, like Brand’s was, and at least one appearance of Mirren as Queen Elizabeth. Bill Hader will no doubt be happy to roll out several of his British accents. There’s also a distinct possibility that things will get raunchy. This is the woman who starred in Roman orgy film “Caligula,” isn’t afraid to pose nude at any age, and was previously known as “the Royal Shakespeare Company’s very own sex bomb.” Justin Bartha, who appeared with Mirren in “National Treasure,” developed a crush on the actress for her smarts, sexiness and “filthy” sense of humor.

Let’s hope the writers give Mirren crazy and funny sketches, unlike fellow Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, who mostly got insane and unfunny sketches. The dramatic actress could get a helping hand from “Saturday Night Live” veteran Dave Grohl, who’s been known to magically appear in sketches when he’s the musical guest. Considering his recent comments about Ryan Murphy, maybe he’ll take part in a spoof of “Glee.” How funny would it be to have the elegant Mirren in a red track suit, playing Coach Sue Sylvester? Grohl could always take a stab at playing the trouble-making Puck.

Grohl’s band Foo Fighters will be promoting their seventh album, “Wasting Light.” Expect to hear their new single “Rope,” along with another track off the upcoming release. Musical guests often bring along special guests of their own, which could mean an appearance by Grohl’s former Nirvana bandmate and bassist Krist Novoselic, who did a track with the Foo Fighters on the new album.

Watch Helen Mirren and Foo Fighters on “Saturday Night Live,” April 9 at 11:30 pm ET, on NBC.

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