FireFox Crashes Constantly

Lots of web users are reporting that Firefox crashes on constant intervals. An error message may appear after the crash saying “Firefox has encountered a problem and needs to be closed”. Let us discuss the factors causing Firefox to crash unexpectedly and the solutions that we can try from our side.


1. Incorrect registry settings.
2. Conflicting applications.
3. Outdated device drivers.
4. Virus infection.
5. Add-ons


1. Optimize your browser.
2. Disable unwanted toolbars.
3. Remove conflicting applications.
4. Scan system for viruses.
5. Manage services.

Optimize your browser
If your Firefox crashes constantly, it can be due to junk data stored in web browser. To solve this problem, perform following steps:

1. Open Firefox.
2. Click on Tools in menu bar.
3. Click on Clear Recent History.

Disable Malfunctioning Toolbars
Some websites forcefully add extensions to your browser. Your Firefox can crash due to these malfunctioning extensions. You can disable these toolbars by applying steps given below:

1. Open Firefox.
2. Click on Tools in menu bar.
3. Select Add-ons.
4. Click on Extensions.
5. Disable the extensions.
6. Restart Firefox.

Scan and Repair the Registry Database
Another reason behind Firefox crashes on constant basis could be incorrect settings of registry. Registry is database where operating system stores information related to browser and all other install applications. Corruption in this component of operating system leads you to application crashing and other serious internal problems.

Get a good Registry Cleaner like this one.

Uninstall Conflicting Programs
If you suspect your Firefox is crashing due to some recently added application/ program on your system, then quickly remove it through the Control Panel. Below are some steps to remove application:

1. Click on Start button.
2. Go to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs.
3. Select an application and click Uninstall button.

Scan the System for Viruses
Virus infection in your system also causes Firefox to crash constantly.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Download a powerful antivirus.
3. Scan system for viruses.

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