Finding Food Assistance in Nashville, Tennessee

Times can be hard nowadays. People are losing their jobs; others have yet to recover the flood that happened nearly one year ago. Some residents in Nashville can barely afford the bare necessities, and sometimes lack eating nutritious and healthy meals due to limited funds. Luckily there are many organizations in Nashville that are dedicated in helping those in the area who are struggling to make ends meet with the assistance of food.

Nashville residents can turn to the Adventist Community Services for assistance. Located at 201 Webster Street in Madison, this center offers food boxes to those in Nashville and surrounding areas. Assistance is provided on Monday and Wednesday. More information is available at their web site, and they can be reached directly at 615-865-6973 .

Another Madison business offering assistance with food is the Madison Church of Christ. The Church operates a Benevolence Center that can also assist individuals with clothing needs in addition to food. Individuals requesting to receive food assistance must have an ID as well as proof of address to comply with the Second Harvest guidelines. Madison Church of Christ is located at 106 Gallatin Road North and can be reached by telephone at 615-868-3360.

Morning Star Baptist Church offers a food box program to individuals that is available on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 p.m. To 7:00 p.m. They are located at 19 hart Street. More information can be obtained by calling the church at 615-254-9239.

Woodmont Baptist Church, located at 2100 Woodmont Blvd, offers food boxes to individuals with a photo identification. The food boxes are handed out on a daily basis. Each person may receive assistance only once every 6 months. The church can be reached at 615-297-5303.

Another place assisting the community is the Rosedale Baptist Church. They have a food pantry that is available to individuals who live in Nashville. The church can be reached at 615-255-8175. They are located at 503 Rosedale Avenue.

The Salvation Army offers a food voucher assistance program for residents of Nashville. A photo ID and proof of income is required to receive assistance from the Salvation Army. They also have a food box distribution center that offers food box pick up each day. The Salvation Army operates several centers in the area. Reach the one nearest you by calling 615-242-0411.

Residents in East Nashville can receive a food box from the East Nashville Co-op Ministry. Food box assistance is provided each day, and all those wishing to obtain a food box must have identification, proof of income, and proof of address. Meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and breads are provided when available in addition to non-perishable food items. ENCM is located at 801 Main Street. Their telephone number is 615-244-7312.

Samaritan Ministries provides emergency food assistance as well as daily hot lunches available during the weekday. Assistance is provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. Until 1:00 pm. Call them at 615-329-1523 for more information.

The Metropolitan Action Commission offers a few different programs to assist with food needs. A summer youth lunch program ensures that all kids in the Nashville area eat, even when school is not in session. Breakfast and lunch is provided to low income families in the area. Along with the Summer Lunch Program, Metro Action offers a commodity foods distribution to low income pregnant women, children, and those over 60 years of age. More information can be obtained by calling 615-862-7907.

Charis Ministries offers food box assistance to needy individuals in the community. They do not offer a pick up location, rather deliver the food boxes containing non-perishable items on Saturday mornings. Call Charis Ministries at 615-373-1261 to find out more.

Music City Mission, located at 414 Veritas Street, offers food box assistance to those in Nashville. They also offer free clothing to those in need. They operate on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. To 1:00 p.m. Call 615-333-9377 to learn more.