Finding an Unusual String in the Family Genealogy

I was reading an article by Associated Content contributor Vincent Summers entitled Perverted Genealogy A Different Sort of String Theory and I realized I still hadn’t written my article concerning finding our surprise string.

My Father-in-law died in February in Kentucky where he lived most of his live. He was raised in Pennsylvania. My daughter and husband came back home with us and spent several days here. After all the family talk and looking at the photos I brought back with me they realized we didn’t know enough about his family, so they started researching his family history online. They became so interested they stayed up late every night into the wee hours in the morning. In the morning I would be treated to the latest news and questioned about what I knew.

One morning they told me they discovered their Great Great Grandmother’s maiden name was Arnold, located in PA where their family originated. All the connecting factors were there clear down to my own children and I agreed she was indeed their ancestor. I laughed and jokingly said, perhaps they are related to The Arnold’s of Carriage Hill Farm. We all chuckled at the absurdity of the notion.

Carriage Hill Farm is an historical farm that was an is down the street from us. When we moved here 30 years ago it was open to visit and restored as a historical museum and farm. It’s now part of the Dayton, OH Five River Parks District. We have walked the farm countless times over the past thirty years.

We always take our guests there. Children love the country store and the farm animals. Last October I did three articles on Carriage Hill Farm. It’s like a second home to us. We have often visited the family cemetery located on the property and studied the names of the people buried there who owned the farm and worked and played there, just a scant half mile from our home.

It seems that their Grandmother had a brother, the same name as the original owner of the farm, Daniel Arnold. Clicking on his name it showed he died in our county, Montgomery County, Ohio. Further clicks showed he was the same person who originally owned this land. We were completely astonished. All these people were related to my husband and children. Second cousins several times removed!

What are the odds that we would move here from Michigan and buy a home a short distance from my children’s Great Great Grandmother’s brother, Mr. Daniel Arnold. Why did we feel such a connection to the farm it became like a second home, visiting time and time again, attending so many of the special events?

Although Daniel Arnold isn’t famous outside Dayton, OH, he is very well known here. It has been fun to astound our friends with the news. Our affection for the homestead has increased. And now I can explain more easily how we are connected. He is a string from our family tree.

Thank you Vincent Summers for giving a name to our connection!