Find the Appropriate Sport Activity for Your Child

Sport activities can have a big developmental impact on children. They promote cooperative play, teamwork and help defining their motor skills. Also, they offer a chance for the kids to work with their peers or coaches and become accepted by the environment. With the positive feedback of engaging in these activities, your child can realize that he/she is a capable person who can accomplish significant achievements.

So, it’s worth it to spend some time and energy on searching the right sport for your child.

First, you should think about finding the appropriate activities according to your kid’s age. You have to know that signing up early can end up with frustration for anyone, as they might find themselves not good enough and turn away from sports for good. Even though there are many sports programs available for preschools, until age 6 or 7 most kids don’t have the most of the required physical skills, the attention span and ability to listen directions and rules of the game. Preschools can throw and run, but it takes a little time before they learn to coordinate these skills.

This doesn’t mean that kids can not play sports when they are younger. For toddlers and kindergartens sports should be less about competition and more about having fun. So, if they like running around or simply chasing butterflies, as long as they have fun, it’s ok.

As children get older, they can handle more competitive aspects, for an instance keeping track of wins and losses for the season. Some of the kids can even be motivated by competitive play, but most of them until age of 11 or 12 are not ready to face with this kind of pressure.

When choosing the right sport, consider the unique character of your child. It’s important to make a clear vision of your kid’s advantages and weaknesses. That leads to finding the right sport activity. If your child is much bigger or smaller then other kids at the same age, he may feel uncomfortable competing with them. Whatever the reasons are for uncomfortable feelings (overweight, less aggressive nature or fear of getting hurt), don’t push him into activity that may cause irritation. Instead, to avoid this uncomfortable feeling you can choose some activity where the focus is on individual efforts. There are many solo activities, starting from swimming, dancing, tennis, riding a bike and so much more.

It’s good to mention that particular video games (which include sport activities) can be your guide in choosing the right sport. You can check his interest of some activity right away. I know it’s not the same as in the actual life, but maybe it can give you some information. If he enjoys in playing some dirt bike game, the chances are much bigger that he will enjoy an actual bike ride.

As you can see, the whole thing depends on our kids and their abilities and desires related to certain sports. There is always something that you can do as a parent, and that is giving constant support and love without trying to push too hard.