Financial Woes

The good, old days are something that we reflect on with a mild ache for the simpler times. So, what does a modern day mother do in a time where consumerism and ‘Ëœmore is better’ are blasted at you from every possible direction? Do you run for the hills and live like some ancient hermit, sharing a cave with a hibernating bear. While I’m fond of big teddy bears, I decided that I do long for the necessities of life but in a financial, friendly way. My bubble, along with the rest of the world may have burst, but finding a middle ground is the main lesson learned for me and the rest of the country.

I can incorporate some of that mystical bygone time sand in my hourglass of a life. I try to reuse plastic bags. It occurred to me as I wadded up and tossed the used sandwich bags into the trashcan. Why am I wasting these things? My grandmother carefully slit along the tape edges of wrapping paper to preserve it. She unfolded a gift as if it was a Faberge egg, rather than a navy, blue sweater. Now, I try to wash out the bags and dry them on the kitchen faucet. Plastic, grocery bags have been utilized for diaper bags. I even remember to bring into the grocery store my cloth bags that I bought for the very purpose of not having to get plastic bags. Those are the days where I feel most confident in my ability to change the world, not to mention lessen my fears of my lack of memory retention.

Rarely has there arisen a need to race to the store for paper towels or napkins, I switched to the cloth variety. I’ve saved the time to trek through a busy grocery store with three kids or get lost in the acres of tall bulk in a megastore. I’m no longer wandering the aisles, drooling over flashy items. My success with using cloth spurred me to expand to other ideas. I started making my own cleaning products. I bought a large container of white vinegar. I can cook and clean at the same time. Who knew that one-stop-shopping resided in just one bottle.

Walking is such a luxury in this day and age. In bygone days, It was the main mode of transportation. Today, you don spandex to walk a circular track or stay in one place. I’ve started walking with my family up to the library or the grocery store. Instead of taking a car to someplace that is only a couple miles away, I’m walking. We have seen so many things from the vantage point of the sidewalk that merely blurred past us when we were in the car. It has enabled us to talk and be together. When we are in the car, I don’t automatically turn on the radio to fill up the drive time space. I ask questions and listen to their point of view on topics.

I made a couple of changes. I can’t claim I saved thousands of dollars. I may not even be a viable candidate for financial sainthood. The momentum has been put into place for me to find more ways toward a better existence. Families are searching for answers, when really they should be devising questions. What is their main objective, collecting the most stuff or spending more time with each other? I found that by making small changes my whole family has reaped a greater reward. The best part, it didn’t cost me that much to try and change.