Final Updated 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Thanks for checking out my updated 2011 NFL mock draft. This is the 5th and final version, see the last mock here. This version of my 2011 NFL mock draft was updated on April 18th 2011. In the sources below you will see links to other mocks or to mock database sites, which is probably how you found mine anyway. Feel free to heap praise or insults on me in the comments below. For the record I pull for the Panthers and Chiefs in that order. To read the 2nd round of my updated 2011 NFL mock draft, click this link.

Also let me clarify this for all you mock draft junkies. I do not smoke crack, nor am I in rehab. I didn’t ride the short bus in school and my parents were not related to each other. I understand draft junkies often feel the need to rain insults on mock draft writers.

1 Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton QB- Auburn

I think the Panthers have to take Newton with the number one pick. Cam Newton is the favorite pick of many and popular Charlotte sports talk host Chris McClain was recently labeled a racist on the air for not supporting Newton. Gabbert has questions about being able to complete a pass of over 10 yards. You can see here what I think about gimmick offenses hurting college quarterbacks wanting to go pro.

Carolina needs to fire up some local fan interest in the team and they won’t mind adding some Cam Newton fans from around the country either. Newton has great upside but also could make my list of the top 20 draft busts of all time when I update it in a few years.

2 Denver Broncos- Marcel Dareus DT- Auburn

John Fox was hired to fix the Denver defense and it starts on the line with Marcel Dareus who will anchor the middle of the line for the next 10 years for the Broncos.

3 Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson DB-LSU

The Bills could well go defensive line here but the best player in the 2011 NFL draft is probably Patrick Peterson. If all works out they have a shutdown corner, if not then a probable pro bowl safety and a punt returner.

4 Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green WR- Georgia

I still say Mallet was born to be a Bengal but I think they will pass on him here. Green will help replace one or both diva wide receivers on this team.

5 Arizona Cardinals- Blaine Gabbert QB- Missouri

Gabbert is a reach but I think the Cardinals will take him and hope for the best. Another gimmick quarterback who will try to transition to the NFL. Gabbert makes the most sense here in the final update of my 2011 NFL mock draft.

6 Cleveland Browns- Von Miller LB- Texas A&M

Miller helping to sue the NFL won’t hurt his stock with the Browns who will snap him up quickly here.

7 San Francisco 49ers- Robert Quinn DE- North Carolina

The 49ers may go quarterback here if one is undrafted that they like, but I feel they will wait for a shot to trade up next year for Luck. Quinn would have possibly been the number one pick in 2011 if he hadn’t been suspended for UNC.

8 Tennessee Titans- Jake Locker QB- Washington

Locker is a bit of a reach but he had a good combine and his upside is pretty big. Vince Young is gone and Kerry Collins is older than dirt. The Titans need a qb here.


9 Dallas Cowboys- Nick Fairley DT- Auburn

Jerry Jones has no issue with taking troubled players and Fairley will make a splash for the Cowboys. However if Ryan Mallet is the next Ryan Leaf then Fairley is the next Albert Haynesworth.

10 Washington Redskins- Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson

Bowers has some injury concerns or may have been the number one pick. If the Skins don’t think Bowers can play the 3-4 they will go with another defensive player here if the quarterbacks they like are gone. I do think the Redskins are the most likely team to trade up with the Panthers to get Newton.

11 Houston Texans-Prince Amukamara- CB-Nebraska

The Texans could go nose tackle here to address the 3-4 defense being put in by Wade Phillips. But I think they will take Prince who is probably the best defensive player on the board at this point.

12 Minnesota Vikings- Tyron Smith– OT- USC

The Vikings add some much needed youth to the offensive line here. Don’t worry about the quarterback position as Vince Young will probably end up here.

13 Detroit Lions- Adrian Clayborn DE- Iowa

The Lions could go OLB here but adding Clayborn to a defensive line with Suh will be very tempting. So could a corner that they like such as Harris from Miami.

14 St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones WR-Alabama

Jones is still getting better and he will be an immediate starter on the Rams not so stellar receiving corps

15 Miami Dolphins-Mark Ingram RB- Alabama

The Dolphins are not in love with Ronnie Brown anymore and Ricky Williams is ancient. Ingram brings some stability to the Dolphins offense. Andy Dalton the TCU quarterback is a possible pick here but I don’t think so.

16 Jacksonville Jaguars- Brandon Harris CB- Miami

Harris may turn out to be the best cornerback in the 2011 draft and Jacksonville needs defense help all over. He is the best fit here in my final upgraded 2011 NFL mock draft.

17 New England Patriots -Cameron Jordan DL-California

Jordan continues the early run on defensive linemen in my updated 2011 NFL mock draft. Jordan can play 3-4 end or 4-3 tackle and will be a good fit for what the Patriots want to do on defense.

18 San Diego Chargers- Jon Baldwin WR- Pitt

Baldwin has the size and hands that the Chargers like in their receivers. With Gates injury prone it’s time to get Phillip Rivers some help on offense

19 New York Giants- Nate Solder OT-Colorado

The Giants need some offensive line help and will hope Solder can add some bulk and a little mean to his game.

20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- – Ras-I Dowling CB-Virginia

The Bucs could go DL here but I think they will take the best corner available. Tampa could also be thinking wide receiver with their first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

21 Kansas City Chiefs-Alan Bailey DL- Miami

The Chiefs need defensive linemen who can play in a 3-4 and Bailey will be a decent player for them. Kansas City could possibly go wide receiver here.

22 Indianapolis Colts- Bruce Carter LB- North Carolina

Defense is what the Colts need more than anything. Look for Indy to load up on defensive players and Carter is going to be a good NFL player. If the Colts do go offense with this pick it will be a running back or offensive lineman.

23 Philadelphia Eagles- Darius Morris OT- Temple

Morris brings versatility to a weak offensive line of the Eagles. Morris may be a reach here but he is the best lineman on the board in my updated 2011 NFL mock draft.

24 New Orleans Saints- Rahim Moore FS- UCLA

The Saints know with Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman in their division that they need to add quality defensive backs, Moore fits the need here.

25 Seattle Seahawks- Ryan Williams RB- Virginia Tech

Seattle kept trying to fix their running game and Ryan Williams will help them do that. The Seahawks could also go qb here depending on what happens with Hasselbeck

26 Baltimore Ravens- Quan Sturdivant ILB- North Carolina

Quan may be a reach here but the Ravens need some young legs at linebacker and will get them here. UNC continues to add defensive talent to the NFL.

27 Atlanta Falcons- Aldon Smith DE- Missouri

Smith is tall and could add a few more pounds of muscle to help shore up a bad Falcons defense.

28 New England Patriots- Mikel Leshoure RB- Illinois

The Patriots are still trying to replace Corey Dillon and Leshoure may just be the man to do it. New England could also go pass rusher or speed receiver here.

29 Chicago Bears-Marcus Cannon OG- TCU

The Bears need offensive linemen and if they don’t go tackle here it will be Cannon.

30 New York Jets- Jeremy Beal, DE/OLB-Oklahoma

The Jets need a pass rusher and Beal fits the bill, pun intended.

31 Pittsburgh Steelers- Jimmy Smith CB- Colorado

Pittsburgh needs defensive backs and offensive linemen and I think they will take Smith here.

32 Green Bay Packers- Anthony Costanzo, OT-Boston College

The Packers could go defense here but I think they will add Costanzo to get some young talent on their offensive line.