Final Four Set for 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament

The Final Four® is set. March Madness® truly seems like March Madness® with none of the four #1 seeds nor any of the four #2 seeds making the Final Four®.

#3 seed Connecticut, #4 seed Kentucky, #8 seed Butler, and #11 seed Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) are scheduled to play in the Men’s Division I NCAA College Basketball National Semifinals on Saturday, April 2, 2011.

The bracket is available on* In one semifinal # 3 seed Connecticut will play #4 seed Kentucky. In the other #8 seed Butler will play #11 seed VCU.

#11 seed VCU may be the crowd favorite. Since they were one of the eight teams that had to play in the opening round, they’ve played one more game than the other three schools. It would truly be amazing if they could win it all as a #11 seed!

But, personally I live in Lexington, Kentucky and am a big University of Kentucky (UK) Wildcats basketball fan. Considering Kentucky started three freshmen most of the season, UK has enjoyed a great year.

In fact only once this season did UK lose by a double digit margin. The one team that embarrassed Kentucky by that margin: Connecticut. The Huskies humiliated Kentucky early in the season in a tournament in Maui, Hawaii. Of course back on November 24 when Kentucky and Connecticut played, Kentucky’s freshmen were just getting acclimated to college basketball. Hawaii may have been a distraction, too. I love living in the state of Kentucky, but in late November Hawaii’s weather and scenery are likely wonderful to experience in comparison to that of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Wildcats have come a long way since the Connecticut game in November. Still, such a humiliating loss is perhaps memorable. I am ashamed to admit that my pretournament predictions did not put Connecticut in the Final Four despite that impressive win over Kentucky.

Butler is returning to the Final Four® this year after losing to Duke in last year’s championship game. It’s great to see them back as a Cinderella school — if a returning team to the Final Four® can be called a Cinderella. Butler and VCU both astonished me (and lots of others) by getting this far!

I commend all four teams for their success, as well as all the other schools that played in the tournament. In a sense, it’s a shame that all but one of the tournament teams ends its season with a loss. Thus, for three of these four outstanding basketball teams, the season will end with their team on the lower end of the score.


Kentucky is a much better team than it was at the beginning of the season and has the added incentive of desiring revenge for Connecticut’s big win early in the season (if any added incentive is necessary at this stage of the tournament). I expect this Kentucky-Connecticut game to be very close. But in the end I think Connecticut will pull out a close win in that semifinal matchup.

Butler is the favorite over VCU based on the seed and has Final Four® experience from last year. I pick Butler to win the other semifinal.

In the championship game, I think Connecticut will win over Butler.

But based on how my pretournament predictions worked out, don’t expect my forecasts to be accurate. I do expect three wonderful games to conclude this exciting NCAA tournament! March Madness® is here — and continues the first weekend in April!

Note: This article is virtually identical to one the author posted on another website on March 27, 2011.


* NCAA; “NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Bracket”; (Website accessed March 30, 2011.)