Final 3 American Idol Finalists 2011- Who Rocked it to Final 2

Oh, good golly- MAN American Idol was great last night! Scotty, Lauren, and Haley all sang with the best they had, leaving me and my fiance at the edge of our seats with the TV blaring at deafening volume so we wouldn’t miss a note. Scotty opened with “Amazed” by Lonestar, and sang the song even better than the original artist, getting polite applause from our home audience. Not being Scotty fans, we still had to give the boy his due- he rocked the song.

Then came Lauren, who belted Faith Hill’s “Wild One” with blah ability (my fiance refers to her as the glorified karaoke singer). We’re still wondering why Lauren is still on Idol over Casey (we wonder why anyone other than Haley is still on Idol over Casey), and Lauren didn’t disappoint us in her predictable stage presence of “Good God y’all- I can’t believe I’m still here!” Her giddy excitement over still being in the final running on Idol is getting old, and only proves that she’s not ready to go pro- but hey, she’s still here (for now) so I’ll give her her props.

Haley ROCKED it last night- seriously! When we found out she was singing a Led Zeppelin song (seriously?!) my fiance bugged out his eyes and started dancing in seat, repeating “That’s hot!” to the point of jealous annoyance on my part. But being a Haley fan from the get-go, I let his little crush go and was amazed at her ability to pull off “What is and What Should Never Be”- not only did she sing Led Zeppelin (they are in their own universe) but she CHOSE to sing Led Zeppelin- and kicked ass on the song. That girl’s got BALLS, and she even took a header during the song and still pulled it off in classic Haley fashion. That woman is a performer, a professional, give her the American Idol crown now…

Lauren sang “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry as her 2nd song, and I truly enjoyed it. Being a song I love, I kept looking for the flaws in Lauren’s performance (plus, I don’t like Lauren) but she did well on the song. At least much better than her “Wild One” performance. While the judges thought she performed best with Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance”, I thought her best song was her second performance. I’ll give it to Lauren- for being the weakest of the three finalists vocally, she impressed me last night. She does have a pretty voice when she has the right song.

Scotty, oh, Scotty. He just plain can’t impress me. His voice is so predictable, and I hate the way he bugs his eyes at the audience when he’s excited (looks like he got poked in the butt- and LIKED it). He sang “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” by Thompson Square and got compared to Garth Brooks by Randy for his efforts. Excuse me?! Scotty is a “copycat” singer- he mimics the vocals of the actual singer of every song he does, and is the little tiny squashed ant to Garth Brooks’ status in country music, but he did sing the song fairly well. I yawned my way through it and growled at the judges’ responses to his performance. Oh, and I was eating ice cream during his final song, so I can’t comment on it. I am so over Scotty it’s not even funny.

Haley actually disappointed me a bit last night. 2 of the songs she sang last night are in my top 5 favorite songs, so I was peeing myself when I found out she was going to sing “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac, which is one of my absolute favorite songs. Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer on Earth and Haley’s rendition of the song was a quiet pace for Haley, which gave it that ethereal quality Stevie is known for. (Stevie reminds me of a witch, in a good way. Like magic. Mesmerizing. Like magical seduction. Moving on…) In my opinion, Haley captured that same Stevie feel, and did the song right, especially when she threw in her powerhouse growl right at the end. She didn’t overdo it. Good for her.

Where she totally actually had me grimacing like I was in actual pain was when she took on Alanis Morissette’s “You Outta Know”- a song I just knew Haley could knock out of the park. She’s got an angry side to her voice, she growls, the chick freakin’ roars when she wants to. But, oh goodness, but for the chorus, which she hit with awesome clarity, Haley sang with uncertainly, botching and forgetting lyrics, losing herself in every part of the song. I heard none of the anger or emotion that “You Outta Know” should have- in fact, Haley just plain SUCKED on this song. Which was a huge let-down. This song should have been right up Haley’s alley, instead it went right up her ass. Except the chorus. She rocked the chorus. But being a hardcore Alanis fan, I couldn’t give it to Haley. Nope.

All in all, last night each of the finalists had their moment to shine. Haley brought tears to my eyes (literally) with “Rhiannon” and made my fiance’s eyes light up in lust with “What is and What Should Never Be”, Scotty did Lonestar proud with “Amazed” (and I actually liked Scotty’s performance, for once) and Lauren totally sang her heart out with “If I Die Young” even though the judges kinda slammed her for missing her key change. I still think she rocked it.

It’s a tough call- who’s hitting the final 2 on American Idol? Ok- I already voted for Haley (she took on Zeppelin, people!!! She should win just for that!) and she has the most professional and confident stage presence out of all of the contestants. Plus, the chick’s just plain good. But it’s anyone’s guess at this point- both Lauren and Scotty are holding their own. I’m going to be so anxious about tonight that I might go into shock before the show even starts. It’s going to be good!