Field Trip to Museum Turned into a Discovery of a Beautiful Marriage Garden

I had agreed to chaperone a field trip to the Edward-Dean Museum, May 19th, with about 55 children. I did not look at where it was located, at the time. I had only prepared myself with the thought of being on a bus with all those wild energies! I am glad I was unprepared for where I was going.

Upon entering the gates, on the left hand side, there was a great big water fountain. As we continued, up the hill, I viewed several buildings and many flowers with a vast amount of grass.

Once we began our tour, I discovered that The Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens was established in 1958, by J. Edward Ebrle and his partner Dean W. Stout, as a preserve for 16th to early 19th Century European Arts. It was later gifted to the county of Riverside in 1964.

The people who make it possible to take a tour are Friends of the Edward-Dean Museum, who gave us a personal and very detailed tour. “Friends” of the Edward-Dean Museum are a non-profit corporation. They are guided by a Board of Directors and rely on volunteers to assist in meeting it’s mission. The goals of the “Friends” are to protect and preserve the rare and wonderful collection of the museum.

We were taken on a tour, by the “Friends”, of the garden throughout the front area of the property. The tour included a walk down a trail to view colorful flowers and trees. We also got to view a gazebo where marriage ceremonies are held. Walking past the gazebo, there were burgundy, brick stairs leading down to a grassy area. Beyond the grassy area, a little way, was a built in pond. I fell in love with this small but, elegant pond. It has a water fountain in the middle and big bottom feeder fish. Also, there was a walk way around with small benches to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Then we got into one of the buildings that had beautiful paintings of old rusty scenes, in one room. In the next few rooms I was not allowed to take photos of the gallery of items in the rooms. Each item in the rooms were over 300 years old and all hand crafted. There were big room sized rugs that were hand knotted by children over 300 years ago. They also had a big chandelier made of real crystal with candle holders in it.

The Edward-Dean Museum was an experience that could only be best enjoyed by sight and experience. I’d have to say that the children enjoyed it, as well, as the adults that went along. This garden really inspired me for my own wishes and desires concerning my ceremony for marriage!

With 16 acres of stunning beauty and tranquility, it is an ideal location for a special occasion. Special occasions such as weddings an receptions, banquets, retirements, concerts, and other events can be reserved by calling 951-955-3091. You can also visit them online at It is located at 9401 Oak Glen Road, Cherry Valley, Ca 92223.