Feng Shui: The Law of Prosperity

Prosperity laws are governing principles in feng shui. In feng shui, prosperity means abundance and everything you place in your space should bring some form of abundance to you. Once basic principles of feng shui are applied prosperous chi energy should be free to move throughout your space. Having a life of balance is crucial in prosperity flowing freely.

First of all it is important to determine how chi (energy) flows into your home. For instance if you live in a home that is on the dead end of the street, all the energy from that street will how towards your home, this is not always a positive situation. Image how water runs down a street, it eventually reaches its accumulation point and can start flooding or at least building up heavily. Well that is what happens with chi, and if too much rushes in to fast, potential prosperity can be pushed away. If you have a circular drive than energy will enter in and then leave. If you don’t want opportunities to come in and pass you by, make sure you create an environment to welcome them in, such as a driveway that leads from the street to your door.

Your chi can become stagnant or chocked if you don’t have an environment to welcome it, such as a cluttered home, badly placed furniture. This can be harmful because it can create blocks for prosperity to move in and through the areas of your life such as health, wealth and relationships.

To get prosperity and chi flowing freely in your home once again follow these steps:

– Clear out clutter – you can do this by many means such as selling, donating or throwing away items. The main thing is to get the clutter cleared out. It is not simply good enough to pack it out of sight either, it can still block the flow of chi.

– Don’t neglect the outside of your home to increase the flow of chi. Any clutter, debris, broken or inoperable equipment or vehicles should be cleared out. Chi should feel welcomed to enter your property. Fix and repair things that are broken and clear the path for prosperity.

– Identify what your prosperity sectors are. There are couple schools of thought on feng shui so depending on which one you follow will determine where various sectors of the home are such laws wealth, health, marriage, and career. If you follow traditional feng shui then you will need to use a compass to determine the actual direction of your home and thereby identifying each sector of the home from there. With Black Hat feng shui every home is looked at the same and the sectors are determined by the begun. The begun is placed in the home north side up, therefore identify the sects from that position.

Regardless of what school of feng shui you chose to follow, arranging your home to create the optimum design to promote prosperity will be beneficial to you and your family.

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