Feng Shui Salt Cures

When practicing Feng Shui techniques one of the common products that is used is Epsom salt. The is especially true in the areas of feng shui cures. There could be a number of reasons why a cure is needed. One of the main reasons can be when you move into a space and you want to deal with the energy left over by the former residents. If the former tenants had positive chi, you more than likely will have no issue with that, but if their energy was negative it could make your stay very unpleasant. Aside from the energy left from prior tenants a cure may be needed for alleviating general depression and negativity.

Feng Shui Salt Cures

One common feng shui cure is taking a salt bath. You will need to draw a warm bath and pour in one to two pounds of Epsom salt or sea salt which is the equivalent of 2 to 4 cups into the water. You will then need to add 10 drops of lavender or any type of essential oil that you enjoy. You will then need to soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes making sure that the majority of your body is covered in the salt water. It is recommended by some feng shui consultants to visualize a healing white light covering your body. Visualizing the flushing out of negative emotions and feelings is also helpful in relaxing and purifying the body. Some even recommend saying ” Thank you for cleansing and healing my whole body now,” repeating it three times.

If taking a salt bath is not an option for you another form of practicing this same cure is to take a warm shower and with your body and skin being moisten after 5 to 10 minutes, and rub salt over your body. Allow the salt to remain for approximately 10 minutes and rinse it off.

If you are looking for a more intense salt purification method for rooms in the home, you may want to consider salt burning. With this cure you will need a small disposable foil pan for each room you want to cleanse. One larger foil pan that the small one can easily fit inside (roaster size is good). You also will need rock salt or Epsom salt along with rubbing alcohol.

Next you will want to cover the bottom on the smaller foil pan with the salt. Then you need to pour just enough rubbing alcohol over the salt to soak it. Next place the small pan inside the larger pan for added safety and place it in the room that you desire to cleanse. Light a match and drop it into the smaller pan with the salt and alcohol in it.

You will want to practice safety with this method. Disable fire alarms before burning, remove all objects away from the pans that will be set on fire, no not leave room where fire is lit, and have a large towel handy to snuff it out if necessary. Immediately after the procedure open all windows and doors to fill the home with new energy.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable with the burning method as an alternate you can place salt in bowls and put it in rooms around the house to soak up the negative energy. Leave it for a while and then simply throw it out. You can also practice the same affect in a room where an argument has occurred by sprinkling salt on the carpet, letting it soak up the negative energy and vacuum it up.

Use any or a combination of these cures to soak up negative emotions and chi in your space.

Source: easy-feng-shui.com