Felt Stereo for Kids

Needed supplies:
Gray felt
White felt
Black felt
Quilt batting
Black marker (optional)
Sewing machine

Felt is the perfect material to use for some crafts. Inexpensive, and available in many colors, felt works very well to make assorted toys for kids. Do you remember the days of the boom box? You can easily make one for a child’s play room or as a unique pillow for a young kid.

The best felt for the stereo project is the type sold by the yard, however, if you’re making a small stereo you can get by with felt sold by the piece. You’ll need two gray pieces, a black piece and a white piece. In addition to the felt you’ll need some quilt batting.

Cut two felt squares to be the same size – the size you want the stereo to be. Cut one white felt piece to the same size. Cut the white felt, then, in three equal-size pieces. Cut an inch or so off one short side of two of these pieces. Lay one of the gray pieces in front of you so that one long side faces you. Lay one white felt piece at each end of the gray piece. The gray felt will be the body of the stereo – the front – and the white pieces will become part of the speakers.

Sew the two white pieces to the gray piece. Cut two large circles from white felt, position one on each of the white rectangles, and sew them in place, towards the bottom, center of the rectangle. Cut two large black circles – a tad smaller than the white ones – and place them on the white circles. Sew them in place.

Make a smaller set of white circles, sew them in the corners of the white rectangles, then cut two black circles, and sew them to these new, white circles. This completes the speakers on the stereo.

Cut a small rectangle to make a cassette player and sew it to the gray felt, near the bottom, in the center, between the two speakers. Above that, cut and place a long, narrow rectangle, and use it as the buttons for the cassette player. Although you can sew the sections and icons on the strip it’s much easier to draw them on with a marker.

Cut two circles of white felt, place them near the top of the gray felt, straddling the center line, to use as knobs for the radio. Draw a line on each knob as the indicators. Cut a narrow strip and sew it on, above the knobs, to make the station indicator. Again, it’s easy to use markers and draw on the station points.

When the front of the stereo is completed you can easily sew the rest of the stereo. Cut a band of gray felt that is long enough to go around the perimeter of the stereo front and add a few inches to that measurement. Lay the band out on a table, above the stereo front, then mark two places on the band where you can attach a wide, gray felt handle.

Cut a wide strip of felt – hem it if you want – then sew the ends to the band. The felt ends should be sewn to the two sides of the stereo, near the top. When the handnle is in place you can sew on the band.

Pin the band around the perimeter of the front of the stereo. Sew it in place. Position the back felt piece on the band, pin it, then sew almost all the way around it. Leave an opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing.

Turn the felt right-side-out, stuff the stereo with quilt batting, then sew the opening shut. The finished stereo can be a nice addition to a child’s room or can be given to a baby to play with. It’s adorable!