Felt Popsicles

What you’ll need:
Felt (your choice of colors)
Quilt batting
Popsicle sticks
Needle and thread

It’s easy to find all sorts of plastic, fake foods for a little girl’s pretend kitchen but they never look too realistic. Leave those foods for others who want them but make your little girl foods that look much more convincing. That’s really easy to do when you use felt. Felt is cheap, comes in a multitude of colors, and is the perfect material for making things like fake popsicles. While you’re picking up the felt for the project go ahead and purchase a small pack of popsicle sticks. They’re available in an unfinished state, like you see on most store-bought popsicles, or in a variety of colors.

You can use any number of different colors of felt to make popsicles. Choose felt in colors like orange, yellow, dark brown or another choice. If you have a wrapped popsicle in your freezer you can use it to make a pattern for the fake version. Otherwise, cut a rectangle shape, the approximate size of a real popsicle, then round off two corners on one end, but leave the other two corners squared. Cut two of the shapes for each popsicle.

Cut a narrow band that’s long enough to go around the perimeter of the popsicle shape with an inch or so to spare. Actually, it’s easiest to just cut a long band, then after attaching it, you can trim it to the size you need. The width of the band should be about an inch.

Start by hand-stitching the band around one popsicle shape. Leave a tail of the band hanging when you start. After you sew around the shape, trim the band down, then sew the ends together.

Cut two or four pieces of quilt batting – depending upon the thickness of the batting – and use these to fill the popsicle shape. First, glue the popsicle stick to the batting so that about a third of the stick is on the batting. Place another piece of batting over that one and glue it in place so that the stick is sandwiched between two batting pieces. If you need more batting, add one piece to each side so that you have the same amount of batting pieces on each side of the stick.

At the end of the popsicle shape that has the squared corners, find a place in the center of the band, then cut a small slit for sliding in the popsicle stick. From inside the band, slide the stick through the slit, and position the batting on the popsicle shape. Cover it with the second popsicle shape and sew the band to it.

The fake fudgecicles, creamcicles and other popsicles you make will thrill your little girl. Now she’ll have yet another food to add to her menu!