Felt Pancakes

Cream-colored felt
Light brown felt
Quilt batting
Small piece of yellow felt (optional)
Needle and thread
Sewing machine

Has your daughter been spending lots and lots of time in her play kitchen lately? I know why. It’s because you’ve made her so many different kinds of new, fake foods for her to offer her guests. She’s probably spending hours and hours practicing her imaginary cooking skills while you’ve spent a little time making new foods for her. It’s so much fun, isn’t it? Taking inexpensive felt and similar craft supplies and turning them into realistic sandwiches, side dishes and desserts. Why stop now? She’ll never have too many foods!

It’s a lot of fun to make your little girl some play pancakes. After all, what’s a kitchen that isn’t able to produce a stack of breakfast pancakes? Your little girl will be proud to serve them up and you’ll be proud that you were able to make such convincing felt food.

Start by using an off-white or cream-colored felt. Cut two circles to be about 5″ in diameter. Some things you can possibly use as patterns for the circles includes a bowl, a saucer or even a cup. In addition to the two light-colored circles, cut two more from a light brown color, and make these about 4″ in diameter.

Start by cutting an “x” shape in the center of one of the cream-colored circles. The “X” doesn’t have to be too large. The easiest way to cut it is to fold the circle in half, snip, fold it in half the other way, and snip again. Stack the second circle on the one with the “x”. Sew all the way around the circumference of the circles. It’s helpful to make tiny snips, from the edges of the circles, inward, all the way around. Sew about a quarter-inch from the edge and keep the snips slightly away from where the stitches will be. These small snips will help the pancake take on a rounder look.

Turn the pancake inside-out through the “x” cut. Push the chosen stuffing in through the “x” and smooth it flat. Use a few stitches to sew up the “x”; it won’t show when the pancake is finished.

Place one of the brown circles on top of the set you just sewed and use a needle and thread to stitch it in place. Make sure it is centered on the light-colored pancake. Do the same to the opposite side with the second brown circle.

Make 2, 3 or more pancakes for a stack. Glue or sew the pancakes together, if you want, or leave them in singles. If you want the stack to have a pat of butter on top, cut a yellow square of felt, about an inch by an inch, and use it as the butter. Take a tiny bit of batting, place it under the yellow square, and position the square in the middle of the top pancake. Sew around it with needle and thread; make sure none of the stuffing is sticking out from under the butter.

Wait until your daughter sees the felt pancakes you’ve made for her! She’ll go crazy! Any girl who loves her play kitchen will be gaga over the flapjacks that look so real that she’ll fool her guests – at least for a minute!