Felt Cherry Pie

Aren’t you having the time of your life creating fake foods for your little girl’s play kitchen? Oh, you’re not making them for her; you’re making them to display in your own kitchen? That’s okay, too! Isn’t it fun, though, to make fake cookies, candies and other goodies for play or show? Some of them end up looking quite convincing, actually. And, since many of the fake foods are made from felt, you don’t have to worry that you’re spending over your crafting budget!

Red and tan felt
Metal cake pan (optionanl)
Sewing machine
Needle and thread

What would be really nice for you to show off, or for your little girl to serve to her guests, is a realistic cherry pie. You’ll need a sewing machine to make it but not much talent. If you can sew even a little bit you can make the delicious-looking cherry pie.

If you’ll be placing the fake pie in a real pan, use a round cake pan rather than a traditional pie pan. To make the pie, turn the cake pan upside-down, then draw around it onto red felt. Cut two of these circles.

Cut six strips of tan felt to be an inch wide and long enough to reach from the edge of one red circle to the opposite edge. Cut the long sides of the tan strips with pinking shears.

Lay one of the red circles on a table and place three of the tan strips on it. Align the ends of the strips with the edges of the circle and space the three pieces evenly apart, in a vertical manner. Now, weave the other three strips in and out of the first three, horizontally, as you would do lattice crust on a real pie. Place the second red circle over the first one, trapping the tan pieces between them, and pin it all together.

Sew around the circles making sure to catch the edges of the tan pieces as well. Cut a slit in the middle of the red circle that you didn’t lay the tan pieces on. Use this slit to turn the pie right-side-out. Use cotton batting to stuff the circle so that the top part with the tan strips takes on a short dome shape but so that the bottom piece with the slit in it stays flat. use a needle and thread to sew the slit shut.

Place the finished pie in the cake pan to display. To make a pie without a real pan, cut a piece of tan felt to wrap around the pie, fold the top edge down and hem it, then hand-stitch or glue the band around the pie.

You’ll giggle every time you show someone the fake pie when you see their reaction. Or, if the pie is for your daughter, she’ll love putting it in her fake oven and serving it to her guests!