Fear of Failure or Fear of Success, Which One is Yours?

Throughout life, people experience many fears. However, there are 3 major types of fear that could take control of their entire lives: fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of success. As the most common ones, these fears prevent many people from getting what they really want.

As strange as it may seem, the fear of success seems to be the greatest one for an entrepreneur or a career ‘” oriented person. Even though professionals don’t always admit it, this fear is reflected in everything they do (or don’t do), stopping them from achieving their goals.

It is true, everyone wants to be successful, so why fear success? Well, many coaches are not used to being successful, or are not confident they can be successful. The difference is between wanting to make it and wanting to make it big. You think you are successful when you get your first client, but what happens when you get hundreds of clients? Can you handle them? Can you handle all the benefits that come along with a successful coaching business and a flourishing life?

Just like the fear of failure, the fear of success doesn’t allow you to grow or expand. You are afraid to take risks. Maybe you are doing ok, you have a few clients, you can pay your bills, and that’s about it. But why not do better? Don’t you want more? More clients? A steady stream of revenue all year long? To have time to do what you like but also generate money even when you’re not working? I’m sure you do. But all you need to do is take a chance, set your objectives and do all that it takes to reach those goals.

The first thing to do is to understand and accept that coaching is primarily a business. And the objective of any business is to provide solutions the client wants to purchase. Each coach who understands this principle will succeed 10 times better and 10 times faster than the coach who only tries to sell his coaching.

In order to develop a successful coaching business, a business which generates constant revenue, you must know how to create programs, products and services and how to promote them to get a steady flow of clients. All you need to do is to expand and diversify your coaching and integrate different lines of revenue into your business. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

– start to recycle everything you do in coaching

– gather various items and create targeted programs out of them

– organize conferences

– create discussion groups in your field of expertise.

So if you want to reach thousands of people, you must promote yourself and send out your message through various platforms such as web marketing, social networks, strategic alliances, articles, e-products. In fact you could have your agenda full of appointments for the next 6 months just by organizing a well-positioned, high quality video seminar.

It is also very important that your business reflects your lifestyle, your abilities, your talents and your objectives in terms of revenue. You should ask yourself the following questions to get a clear idea of what you actually want to get out of your business.

o What kind of lifestyle do you want?
o How much revenue are you aiming for?
o What are your natural abilities and talents which you could use?

Obviously, your goals may change over time as your business grows. Still, having a clear idea of what you are aiming for could help you set your intermediate objectives.

And once you have a large number of clients, once you have created programs, products and services to help as many people as possible, it will enable you to have enough free time to enjoy other aspects of your life. And it will transform you into a successful coach, who has no fear of reaching your goals.

If you want to know more details about how to overcome your fears and how to set up a successful coaching business, start at the beginning by defining your message, which encompasses what you do and what your clients want. To know how, ask for your free copy of my “Discover Your Magnetic Message” document at http://coachingandsuccess.com.