Fear of Bad Breath–Is Your Fear Irrational or is it True?

Most of us who love being around others and want to form relationships at some point in life will have fear of bad breath. We don’t want to offend others with our words, and certainly not with our breath. It’s normal to feel like this occasionally, but when it becomes excessive and you perceive that you have bad breath when you really don’t, fear of bad breath can be crippling. Feeling like something just crawled in your mouth and died is not a good feeling, and it works on the psyche. Before you know it, you will start to mince words, speak in a cryptic tone, and will be seen ducking in every corner to perform a breath check, and that’s not good either.

On the other hand, if you are the loner type and are not really interested in bonding with others, and generally just want to be left alone, having bad breath can work to your advantage. You won’t have to say anything belligerent or offensive, just simply make your usual small talk and let your breath do battle for you. You will be known as “Dragon Breath” and you will send others scampering away to avoid the fumes. Thank goodness the majority of the population isn’t like this.

If you like being around others and forming relationships, there are food triggers that can lead to bad breath. If you find out what they are, you can learn when to avoid them, learn how to deal with them if you can’t avoid them, and there won’t be any need to fear having bad breath in any situation.

Foods such as dairy products, onions, garlic, broccoli, fish, pizza, eggs, and seafood are all notorious for causing varying degrees of halitosis if left unchecked for awhile. If you expect to have close contact with someone, these are the foods to stay away from unless you both are eating the same foods, and therefore you won’t offend each other with your breath.

I once met a guy who seemed paranoid about bad breath and foot smells. He felt everyone on the planet was plagued with bad breath and always excluded himself. He even went as far as tossing a breath mint into anyone’s mouth in the middle of conversation to give that person a “subtle hint” that things weren’t so fresh in Boca Land. This offended the other party as they felt he had a lot of nerve because his breath wasn’t free from taint either. Perhaps in hindsight he should have checked his own breath and should have been concerned about his own stink before accusing others.

If you are tired of facing the day with dread and fear of bad breath, the key to regaining your confidence and being able to socialize with others with confidence is only a click away. Why suffer when you don’t have to? If relationships are important to you including getting ahead in life, and if it is your breath that’s holding you back, the solution is not far away and is closer than you think.

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