FDA Saves the American People from Amish Farmers Selling Contraband Milk

Government agents have found a new criminal conspiracy to distribute a dangerous substance to the unwitting American consumer. The criminal conspirators are Amish farmers. The dangerous substance is – milk.

More specially, the milk is unpasteurized and nonhomogenized of the sort that some prefer as having better health benefits and tasting better than the pasteurized kind that is sold in super markets. Nonhomogenized milk is also used to make cheese since the homogenization process breaks up the cream too much to create a good curd.

Pasteurization does kill dangerous bacteria that might lurk inside raw milk. But a buyer of unpasteurized milk is well aware of what he or she is getting and is following the principle of caveat emptor. Interestingly enough there had been no complaints about milk caused diseases before the FDA agents descended.

The Food and Drug Administration seems to have been empowered to crack down on this dangerous milk conspiracy by the 2009 FDA Food Modernization Act that empowers the government to impose draconian regulations on “slaughterhouses, seafood processing plants, establishments that process, store, hold or transport all categories of food products prior to delivery for retail sale, farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, aquaculture facilities and confined animal-feeding operations.” In other words, the FDA has full purview on the entire food chain in America from the field to the store.

The new regulations would seem to fall on small family farms that sell produce at farmers’ markets, operations that raise specialty livestock like bison, and, of course, Amish farmers who sell raw milk to the discerning. The beneficiaries of the new regime appear to be large agribusinesses like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland, since smaller operations will be burdened by the new regulations.

The new law was passed last year, of course, by the previous, Democratic dominated Congress. It appears that this is another little bit of intrusiveness by the federal government that is going to need curbing, either by the current Congress, or the next which will see both houses run by Republicans.

Speaking of “caveat emptor”, it is a good principle to follow when voting for politicians. One could rule of thumb to follow is that if a political candidate seems to be of the opinion that people need government to shield them from their propensity to make mistakes, that person should not be elected to public office. Otherwise we arrive into situations in which Amish farmers are being treated like the Medellin Cartel.

Source: FDA Scores Major Contraband Bust, Jazz Shaw, Hot Air, May 1, 2011