Favorite Places and Events to Experience on Vacation in Western North Carolina

I feel very lucky to have grown up and live in the Western North Carolina area. There are so many local summer events and festivals that it is hard to even know where to begin.

I do not intend to slight any of the wonderful events that happen but for the purpose of this article I am going to share my top three favorites.

I guess the first is the Biltmore House (1). Located in Asheville, North Carolina it is a site not to be missed! Besides the “incredible gardens” and “home tours” the Biltmore House holds quite a few events that shouldn’t be missed (2). A tour of the winery is a definite favorite (3) and so much more! Biltmore has its own parking on the estate. (4) Biltmore would be a great treat for young couples, families, and even older couples would not feel excluded.

My second favorite is “Unto These Hills” which is an outdoor drama that depicts the history of the Cherokee Indian Nation. (5) If you ever get a chance to see this show you will not regret going. Of course this production takes place in Cherokee, NC. The show takes place in a wonderful outdoor theatre (6). The show itself is performed under the stars (7). This show is appropriate for all ages. Parking is provided including handicapped parking. (8)

My third favorite is “Folkmoot” (9). This event takes place in Waynesville, NC and brings together folk dancers from literally all over the world! “Education and cultural exchange” (10) are a large part of Folkmoot. A” Parade of Nations” (11) is held every year down the main street of Waynesville. (12) Just behind the Justice Center on Main Street is a large parking structure to help accommodate the crowds. Parking is also available behind Main Street itself. Once again this event is appropriate for all ages.

The greatest thing about these three places and events is that they are within driving distance of each other. Waynesville is approximately a 30 to 40 minute drive from Asheville. From Waynesville to Cherokee is another 30 to 45 minutes to drive.

My favorite website for information on all events and festivals including those mentioned above is http://www.romanticasheville.com. From this website you can find details about all the events and festivals happening in Western North Carolina.(13) You can also find information regarding lodgings from “cabins and cottages”(14) to “Bed and Breakfasts”(15) in the area. It can also tell you the “top 20 waterfalls” (16), and “top 40 Hiking trails” (17). You can even find You Tube video showing the “Parade of Nations” held in Waynesville. (18)

Summer in Western North Carolina is far from boring and events and festivals are geared toward all ages and many tastes. So I hope to see you on Main Street in Waynesville for the “Parade of Nations”. Wherever you choose to spend your time this summer have a wonderful time and make it the best vacation ever!

The information used in this article comes from http://www.romanticasheville.com. The above footnotes (1) through (18) come from this excellent resource web site.