Favorite Free (or Nearly Free) iPhone Apps

Everyone who owns an iPhone knows about the popular basics needed for everyday use, (Facebook, E-Mail, Weather, Twitter, iTunes, etc.), but there are so many amazing apps out there that are free or nearly free and are of great quality. Following are a few of my favorite apps that I would not be able to live without. I have, with great difficulty, chosen a few favorites in the categories of social, utility, and entertainment.

Social-iLoader, Status Shuffle, Someecards

Let me begin this category by saying Facebook and my iPhone are two necessities of my daily life. For a quick, easy way to upload pictures to Facebook, the iLoader app is perfect. It is simple and easy to use and comes in a “Lite” version for those who want to try it for free before purchasing the full version (loads 3 pics at a time vs. unlimited). Status Shuffle is an app I discovered on Facebook that I really wanted access to on the iPhone. It provides quotes and statuses in virtually any category you could imagine, from funny to sad to angry. Perfect for when you can’t think of the right thing to say. Someecards is another app I discovered on Facebook and searched on the iPhone. These eCards are very entertaining and updated regularly to include current popular topics.

Utility-Myfitnesspal, Netflix, Whattoexpect

Three utility apps that I could not live without are Myfitnesspal, Netflix, and Whattoexpect. Myfitnesspal is a basic weight loss tool. It helps you track your calorie intake and exercises in order to reach your weight loss goals. You can easily search the food you eat and full nutritional information will be displayed. This app helped me lose 40 lbs after having my baby! Speaking of babies, the Whattoexpect series of apps was open every day while I was pregnant. It guides you through every day of your 40 weeks of pregnancy and helps you understand what is changing and how it affects you. There are several of these apps in the series. I am currently on Whattoexpect Baby and it’s perfect for mommies. Because of my new baby, I don’t get to go out to see movies much anymore. I used to use the Fandango app to look up movie times, but now I use the Netflix app to find new releases, read reviews, and pick movies for my queue.

Entertainment- Tap Zoo, DYAC, Office Jerk

Tap Zoo is a simple, fun game that can be played whenever you have free time. You buy land and start a zoo, complete challenges, cross breed animals, and generate revenue. Damnyouautocorrect is an app that shows snippets of actual conversations using the iPhone where the autocorrect feature changes misspellings into hilarious alternatives. I open this app whenever I need a quick laugh — just be advised that it will cause you to LOL. Office Jerk is a simple easy distraction when I am bored or frustrated with a coworker. It allows you to choose items to virtually throw at a coworker and view his reactions — need I say more?