Father’s Day Tech Gifts for DIY Dads

Does your husband or dad like to cook? Is he into arts and crafts? Or maybe he likes to customize his computer. If your dad’s into do-it-yourself projects, check out these unique tech gifts for Father’s Day!

For dads who like to cook

Personal Trainer: Cooking ($9.99) and its sequel, America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking ($9.99), are titles for chefs, made for the Nintendo DS handheld game console ($129). If your husband or dad doesn’t have a DS, he might be able to borrow it from one of his kids or grandkids, but these aren’t children’s toys; these are interactive cookbooks, with detailed lists of recipes and ingredients.

Both titles read recipes aloud to you and respond to voice commands, so your dad won’t have to get his console messy while cooking. A kitchen timer is included, and each title has more than a hundred recipes, from Personal Trainer: Cooking’s international fare to America’s Test Kitchen’s all-American favorites.

Neither title places much emphasis on outdoor grilling, so if your dad is more into that try the Grill Daddy Pro ($24.99). It’s like a handheld steam cleaner with metal bristles, and it’s great for scouring the grill right before a barbecue.

For dads into arts and crafts

If your dad likes to draw or paint, the Art Academy ($19.99) DS title might be right up his alley. It’s a bit simplistic, but it does a very good job of capturing the feel of working with pencil and paintbrush, thanks to the DS’ stylus. And despite its name, it also lets you free-draw all you want.

Dad doesn’t have a DS? The uDraw Studio tablet ($69.99) for the Nintendo Wii is a fun way to sketch with the television, and is used in several Wii games. Meanwhile, Boxwave sells a capacitive stylus ($24.95) that’ll let him sketch on his iPhone or iPad. It clips into a phone or tablet’s headphone jack, so your dad won’t drop it or lose it.

Speaking of iPads, if your dad’s into pottery — or even if he isn’t — Let’s Create! Pottery for iPhone and iPad ($4.99) is one of the most unique games out there. The goal is to create ceramic works of art, and you pinch the screen to create each pot or vase, as though your phone or tablet was a lathe. There are versions for Android phones and tablets and Mac computers as well.

For dads who work with computers

Speaking of computers, here’s an interesting tech gift. Ever heard of a cardboard PC? The Recompute ($599), from sustainable-computer.com, is one of the more unique PCs out there. It’s a computer that’s made out of corrugated cardboard, and it actually works. Throw in an Ubuntu CD ($8), and you’ve got a sustainable computer with an open-source OS; just add a keyboard and monitor.