Father’s Day Special: All Day Free Pass to Seventh Heaven Gentlemen’s Club in Los Angeles for All Dads

Happy Father’s Day, to all fathers! Gentlemen’s club Seventh Heaven is letting in for free all dads on Father’s Day. The special day for dads is this June 19. For other Father’s Day specials, be sure to check online because many establishments are giving away free ice cream, pizza slices, hamburgers, and, in Seventh Heaven’s case, a pretty good free show. Seventh Heaven is located on Hollywood Blvd.

What exactly is Seventh Heaven giving away to dads on Father’s Day?

“We’re letting all dads in for free on Sunday,” manager Ronnie Delux said. “We always have a cover charge for those wanting to enjoy our highly talented girls and watch what has been called by various publications the ‘best show in town.’ But for all dads on Father’s Day, there is no cover charge.”

The special is for all dads, but does one have to prove he is a father to get in free?

“At first we were going to offer the deal as, Dad and son get into Seventh Heaven free, but then we decided that wasn’t fair. We’re all about fairness here, and we want to help all dads work off some of that pent up frustration. I mean, what if some dads have lost a son, does that mean they still aren’t a father? Of course not. What if a dad has sons that are not yet twenty-one years of age? Do we want to exclude that father? No, of course we don’t. All dads deserve this generous deal, and all dads are going to get it.”

What about a dad who claims he’s just conceived a child, maybe only hours before the special begins?

“We won’t be nitpicking at the door. What kind of question is that? If a young man has just gotten his girlfriend, or any girl for that matter, pregnant, then of course he gets in free. We at the Seventh Heaven are pro-lifers. We agree life starts at conception.”

Why is Seventh Heaven giving this beneficent treatment to dads?

“We’re happy to do it. Dads have a tough job these days trying to provide for their families. We just hope we can help them blow off some steam here at Seventh Heaven. I’ve talked to a lot of guys of all ages after they’ve enjoyed a night with our girls, and they all say they feel a lot better. A lot of stress is relieved in this club.”

Will dads also get free drinks and lap dances on Father’s Day?

“No, we wish we could go that far with the Father’s Day special, but we just can’t. Seventh Heaven has to make a profit too. We figure without a cover charge, dads can still kick back, spend a few bucks on a beer and an intimate show, relax a little. No cover charge should be incentive enough, we think, for dads to expend a little extra energy that evening.”

When does the special start?

“We open the doors at 3pm on Sunday, and the first show starts around 3.45.” Ronnie scratches his bicep for a moment. “Come to think of it, we might have a free drink for dads. We might put something together. Maybe a free rum drink, or a free beer. Something to loosen them up. Again, we’re looking for the best way to say Happy Father’s Day.”

For all dads who are interested, check out the Seventh Heaven gentlemen’s club on June 19th, Father’s Day, for free entrance and, possibly, a free drink.


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