Father’s Day Gifts that You Can Make and a Few that You Can Buy

If your dad is like most… he either A. Has plenty of ties or B. Has no use for ties at all! Gifting for dad can be complicated at first thought, however, if you use a little imagination and zone in on his personality you can make the perfect gift for him. If you are not a crafty person a little assistance can go a long way! I’ve gathered some of the best gifts to give for Father’s day this year whether you are a Crafter or not so much.

First you must think about who your Dad, Husband, brother or whoever the gift is for, really is. Here is a list of questions that could make the gift selection easier.

1. What is his job? (knowing this could be helpful because you can find out if he needs a certain tool, a new lunch box, a paperweight, a new spatula or a new flash drive, etc..)

2. What does he do in his free time? (video gamer, plays sports, in a band, golfing, hiking or camping, etc.)

3. Does he have a favorite movie or song? (let’s say dad’s favorite movie is “Army of Darkness” then a framed Bruce Cambell photo may be a good gift)

4. Where is a place that he has always wanted to travel?

5. What is his favorite meal, drink, and desert?

Making a list like the one above can help you assess Dad so that you can get a better idea of what kind of gift would be special for him.

Crafty Gifts

Paperweights- these can be very easy to make, and they really do make excellent gifts. Use your imagination when it comes to designing your paperweight. Any kind of small heavy object can be used to start with, an object with a flat surface such as a rock with flat sides, can easily be customized by gluing a photo or writing/painting on it. If you cannot come up with any ideas of what to use to start your paperweight, you can find blank paperweights at most crafting stores and websites.

Framed Art – Find a favorite movie or music group, or if you are extra creative draw or paint a picture. Have an 8×10 printed from somewhere like Walmart or CVS. Next make or buy an 11×14 frame and mat the picture inside to make a nice gift for him to hang in the office or “man cave.”

If you have a younger child, a framed hand and footprint picture with a poem attached would be a very sentimental gift.

Hat Organizer– If dad has a large amount of hats, or just a few with nowhere to store them you could give him this awesome Hat Organizer that is easy to make. You need a Yardstick, paint, clothespins and glue. Space the clothespins out across the yardstick and glue firmly in place. Allow it to completely dry then apply a coat of paint over the entire thing, allow it to complete dry then hang it vertically on the wall and use the clothespins to hold the hats!!

Metal tin- You should be able to find one of those square cookie tins that people give out during Christmas either laying around your house or at a local goodwill. Painting them or adding photos to them can make very special storage tins for Dad or Grandpa.

  • Make a complete garage set for him by adding words to the tops of the tins such as “screws” “washers” “nails” “nuts” “bolts” etc..
  • Or to make a personalized office set you could add words like “Daniel’s Staples” or “Dad’s Paper clips.”
  • If dad is a gardener a set of small tins marked with seed names would be a great idea.
  • If you don’t want to make the tins for specific sets, you could add a motivational quote, his name or a nickname or a picture to the tin.
  • In addition to gifting him the tin you could fill it with something he would like or something useful. Maybe add a few paper clips or a box of staples if you are making an office set, some screws for the garage tins, or some of his favorite candy, or some homemade cookies or trail mix.

Bookmarks- Everyone reads! Why not gift dad a favorite book and add a personal touch with a custom bookmark. There are so many options out there when it comes to making bookmarks. Here are just a few:

Martha Stewart Photo Bookmark – Made from a favorite photo and a piece of Grosgrain ribbon. So easy to make and so elegant.

HP Creative Studio – great ideas and templates to help you make the perfect printable book marks.

Here are some premade Bookmarks that are ready to print.

Gift Buckets – These are the male version of gift baskets. A man can almost always find a good use for a decent bucket. Small or large, fill a bucket with some of dad’s favorite things, and you have a great gift! Some ideas for themed buckets are:

  • Wine Bucket – Add a bottle of wine, some of his favorite cheeses, and some gourmet crackers! Use a smaller size ice bucket for this one!
  • Fisherman’s bucket- Add some fishing oriented items to a large bucket such as lures, hooks, sinkers, bobbers etc.
  • Movie Night- Popcorn bucket, Blockbuster gift card, microwave popcorn and movie snacks.
  • Gamer’s bucket- Filled with things like video game, controller, snacks, headset..etc…
  • Baker’s Bucket- You could use a large mixing bowl instead of a bucket. Add things like. Some of his favorite recipes, spices, herbs, flours and baking chocolates.

Dinner for Dad – I’ve always heard that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If that serves true then Dinner is a great gift for the man you are looking to treat like a king.

  • Start by helping the kids to make decorations for the table and/or room.
  • Ask dad a while in advance some of his favorite things if you don’t already know.
  • You can start off with his favorite drink, serve it to him while he is watching some t.v. and you and the kids are finishing up the meal.
  • Start dinner off with his favorite light soup or salad, let your child/children serve him his food, they will have a blast making dad feel special!
  • When everyone is finished with this part of the meal, have your child or children help you serve the main meal which will be a combination of Dad’s favorite Main dish and one or two of his favorite sides.
  • Next, bring out dad’s favorite dessert!
  • Be attentive to dad’s glass, and servings and ask if he would like more.
  • Spend the meal talking about your favorite dad moments, give the children ample time to tell their dad stories!

For those who like to take the other route here are some great finds for Father’s Day

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