“Faster” Movie Review

“Faster” is an action movie that was released in November 2010. Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen stars in “Faster.” This is a typical action pack guy movie with interesting twists.

I watched the movie before reading the synopsis. That might have been a mistake because the first fifteen minutes of the film didn’t make sense.

“Faster” opens with Driver (Dwayne Johnson) being released from prison. After he runs down a dirt road for a few miles, he ends up in a junkyard. Driver takes the car cover off a black Chevrolet Chevelle, finds the keys, grabs papers from the glove compartment, hangs a picture in the sun visor, and drives off. Driver arrives in a town, storms into a telemarketing office, and shoots a guy in the head who was sitting at his cubicle. At this point, there are ten questions in my head.

The plot is revealed thirty minutes into the movie and only then does the action make sense. Driver was a bank robber with a crew. The crew robbed a bank and escaped clean thanks to Driver’s driving skills. However, another crew infiltrated their safe house. They shoot the crew and left Driver and his brother alive to tell them where they stashed the money. Driver told them where the money was hidden in exchanged for them not shooting his brother. When they uncovered the money, they slit his brother’s throat. At least they kept their promise of not shooting him. At that moment, Driver promised to kill them all, then someone shot him in the back of the head. Driver did not die. The bullet went through his cheek. Now, Driver has a medal plate holding the back of his skull together. Driver waited ten years to get revenge on the crew that killed his brother.

“Faster” also has two subplots that nicely ties into the main one plot. One subplot is about a hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who is hired to kill Driver before he gets to the brains of the infiltrating operation from ten years ago. The other subplot is about a drug using cop (Billy Bob Thornton) who is retiring in fourteen days.

“Faster” won’t be up for any Academy Awards, but it is a fast moving movie. The script was not made to give an extra boost in the actors’ performances, but they did a good job for what the movie called for, which was crime and fast moving action. Audiences won’t get bored watching this movie. Even though proper names were not given to the characters, the action and plot drives viewers into getting involved with the characters and identifying with their situations.

“Faster” is perfect to watch with your girlfriend because it is not too bloody or overly vulgar. The movie is only ninety-eight minutes long, so if you are having a movie night rent another movie to watch after it.

Because of its blunt storytelling style and straight up killing and leaving persona “Faster” was bashed by professional critics. Critics are not in tuned with what the people want these days. After experiencing a bunch of remake movies with complicated plots and bad acting for the past year, movie fans were ready to see a movie that tells a story flat out and be entertained by it at the same time.

From an ordinary movie buff, “Faster” is highly recommended to break up the monotony of subpar remakes and sloppy movie sequels.