Farmer’s Markets in Santa Clarita

It is that time again to enjoy fresh produce that are in season, including fresh fruits and vegetables harvested in our own local farms. If you are looking for a place to enjoy fresh fruits such as strawberries, apples, peaches, and oranges, look to the following local Farmer’s Market. A lot of free samples get you filled before you even make your purchase.

College of the Canyons Farmers’ Market

26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd & Valencia BLVD
Parking Lot 8
Valencia , CA 91355 805-529-6266

Email them at [email protected] or visit the association at

Sponsored by Ventura County Certified Farmers’ Market, this Farmers’ Market is open from 8:30AM to 12:00 noon every Sunday throughout the year to provide locally and organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables. You can be sure to find seasonal produce here at great prices. The price may be a bit higher than most grocery stores, but it is worth the quality of the produce you’ll get. Various vendors sell eggs from free-range chicken, which taste so good it reminds me of the eggs I used to have as a child in Africa . Nothing beats the great taste of eggs from chicken that had not been caged or fed with hormones. Local vendors with gourmet foods are also handy to satisfy your cravings. Take some time to enjoy gourmet tamales, crepes, hummus and pita; yum! Don’t forget the all important Kettle Corn fresh out of the popping machine as you wait. My kids never miss this whenever we’re there; it’s quite a treat! Be sure to have plenty of cash as they only accept cash.

Old Town Newhall Farmers’ Market

Located on Market Street between Main and Walnut Street in Newhall, California 91321 661-286-4018

Like the Valencia Market, the Old Town Newhall Farmers’ Market carries a wide range of fresh produce that are organically and locally grown. Unlike Valencia , this one takes place on Thursdays from 3PM-7PM. It has a sizeable number of vendors carrying various goods, but I always prefer the Valencia one whenever I could get there on Sundays before church. The Newhall one is closer to me, but it seems less organized and has less selection of items. I still enjoy fresh strawberries, tomatoes, and Chinese vegetables like Bok choy; very fresh and yummy you can tell it’s different from store-bought ones. You can expect to see food trucks, arts, and music band creating a lively atmosphere in this historic locale. Barbecues from a nearby Tresierras Market add flavor, and other stores are open and accessible during the Farmers’ Market. On the first Thursdays of each month, they hold the First Thursday Art Walk whereby one can take a free tour enjoying exhibition of great works of art, food from vendors, and the all-important fresh produce. This is what separates Old Town Newhall Farmers’ Market from the rest.

All in all it is a huge benefit to buy from local farmers rather than buying produce that you don’t know where it had been produced; they’re flown in here and by the time you buy it, it had already begun to rot so you have to use it up in a matter of a few days. Support your local farmers by buying from your local Farmers’ Market.