Another week and another batch of closer news to talk about in fantasy baseball. Lets get right to it.

-The Los Angeles Dodgers placed closer Jonathan Broxton the DL on Thursday with a bone spur causing pain in his elbow. This was the second time in the last two weeks that Broxton felt discomfort in the area and so he will sit for potentially awhile. Vicente Padilla has been endorsed publicly by manager Don Mattingly as the replacement as Hong-Chi Kuo just came off the DL himself and has been a bit wild in his rehab. Padilla has been very good as a setup man this season and he always has had good stuff. It is possible that he could run with the gig here as its clear Broxton is just not the same pitcher he was as a dynamic fireballer back in 2009. Its looking more and more like former manager Joe Torre has ruined yet another arm through his maddening bullpen usage. Broxton’s fastball hasn’t been the same in over a year and so his days a top closer and even a closer in general could be kaput.

-The Houston Astros have given birth to the Mark Melancon era in the ninth inning as Brandon Lyon landed on the DL with a partially torn rotator cuff. Lyon could be out for awhile and even if he got back to the team, its likely he would not get the closer’s job back since he was so rotten all season until he got hurt. Melancon looked great in his first successfull conversion on Friday and he was one a big time prospect in the Yankees system who some thought could be Mariano Rivera’s replacement.

-Eduardo Sanchez is looking more and more like the guy in St. Louis and his high K repertoire seems suited to the gig. It was clear that manager Tony LaRussa was not comfortable with Mitchell Boggs in the ninth inning and Sanchez has been dealing all season. He has looked a bit shaky since getting closing chances but the Cardinals are a top team who can keep supplying saves at a high clip all season so this could end good. We heard team management say they would eventually like to see Ryan Franklin get back to being a factor in the ninth but seeing pigs fly is a higher chance of happening.

-A’s closer Andrew Bailey is about a week or so away from returning to the team where he will likely close within a week after getting a few innings under his belt. Brian Fuentes has been up and down as his replacement like he is known to do so Bailey getting closet to being activated is great to see.

-Its looking like the Blue Jays have moved on from Jon Rauch as closer and instead turned to Frank Francisco who was supposed to be the guy from the beginning if he didn’t get hurt. Francisco got the last two save chances which he converted but in shaky fashion. Its looking like Rauch is a waiver guy as a result of being passed by in the gig.

-Mariners rehabbing closer David Aardsma has hit a snag in his comeback from hip surgery as the team ordered an MRI in order to take a look at the region. Aardmsa has felt something lately in the hip and the team is a bit uncertain when he will return. This is great news for Brandon League owners who are enjoying his perfect output so far along with hoping it continues.

That’s all for this week. As always there will be much to discuss all week at this very volatile position. Stay tuned here for all the latest.