Family Volunteer Opportunities in St. Louis Area

The St. Louis area is a wonderful place to raise a family. Like any large metropolitan area, St. Louis is replete with activities for families to spend together. Whether you choose to see a movie, play at the park or go up the Gateway Arch, there are great opportunities to bond as family with your kids. Volunteer opportunities abound if you want quality time with a purpose for you and your older children. Volunteering is available through several great organizations in the area for teenagers as a way to enrich their lives through spending time in the service to others.

St. Louis Zoo

Kids love animals and the St. Louis Zoo is a great place to get closer to nature for adults and teenagers. Anyone 15 and older can volunteer at one of the best zoos in the region. You can choose to be an ambassador who helps crowds and special events at the zoo. Interpreting exhibits and giving directions to different areas of the zoo are some of the many tasks an ambassador does.

A tour guide takes groups of 15 or more on a walking tour of the zoo. Summer programs for teens include helping with summer camp for younger children. All it takes is attending required training which is provided by the zoo.

St. Louis Art Museum

The St. Louis Art Museum operates year-round and has plenty of opportunities for teenagers 16 and over to volunteer. You can work in the museum shop, welcome visitors to the art museum, and participate in art education programs in the community.

Humane Society

The Humane Society of Missouri always has room for volunteers at any of their area branches. Smaller animal shelters take volunteers 16 and older for opportunities to do paperwork, care for the animals and help with adoptions. If your child loves animals, volunteering at the Humane Society is well worth it.

St. Louis County Library

The St. Louis County Library has plenty of great things to do for parents and kids who love books. Volunteers can be as young as 12 or in sixth grade to do work at county library branches. Tasks to be done include shelving books, doing minor repairs on materials, assisting with the Summer Read Club, help with volunteer book sales and help with children’s programs.

St. Louis Children’s Museum

The Magic House, or the St. Louis Children’s Museum, offers opportunities for children 13 and older for as little as 30 hours in one year. You can be a play assistant or provide support to museum staff on the floor of the actual museum. As you gain experience, your duties will increase with the museum.