Family Boating on Lake Minnetonka

The people of Lake Minnetonka are chomping at the bit to get back out on the water and enjoy a well-deserved summer – my family included. The bleak winter and temperamental spring have left us with distant, but fond memories of the many boating opportunities.

Deck boats, pontoons, fishing boats and cabin cruisers all have a place on the lake and are ready to go following a long winter lying dormant. Late spring is a wonderful, peaceful time of year to enjoy the boat. The lake is quiet and calm with the absence of other wakes. It’s the perfect time to kick back with a book and a coffee in the warm spring sunshine, anchored after a gentle cruise to the perfect bay. With the kids, this is the ideal time of year to picnic on the lake, especially on days when the water is still and boats are not speeding by.

In the heat of summer, boat outings are fast and free, full of fun and laughter. We have spent the last couple of years learning to water-ski and wakeboard – adults and children. After learning to water-ski at age 7 years, our son plans to wakeboard this year. Skis and wakeboards are available for children – they include extra ropes and attachments to help children succeed. For a truly accessible thrill for all, we love the tube. Towable water tubes are available from most sport shops and marine stores. The tube comes with a long rope that attaches it to the back of the boat. All ages can enjoy it – we’ve had children as young as 4 years, and adults as old as 60 years, give it a go. The level of thrill is up to the skill of the driver. Those after adrenaline can fight to stay on as the driver takes hard turns. First-timers might prefer a steadier ride.

Summer evenings on the lake could well be my favorite time. An exhausting day of fun can be rounded off to perfection with a slow cruise, a glass of wine and a dinner date. Nightlife on the lake is fun – party on the harbor at Fletcher’s or Maynards. Alternatively, park at the public docks in Wayzata and stroll to one of the wonderful restaurants in the town. The younger crowd often anchor around Big Island and party from boat to boat. Families might visit Mound Bay Park to listen to the Thursday evening Music in the Park from the water.

With gas already being more expensive on the lake than on the road, I hope the increase in prices doesn’t restrict our fun too much this summer!

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