Family and Friends Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease in Atlanta

Grab your family and friends, round up your own walking team, or join an existing one, and help to find a cure for our nation’s 6th leading cause of death.

Atlanta’s “Walk To End Alzheimer’s Disease” will be held at Atlantic Station, located at 171 17TH st. NW in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 8, 2011. Check in time is from 7:30am to 9am. Opening ceremonies will start at 9am and last until 9:30am, with the walk beginning at 9:30 and lasting until around 10:30am. The Alzheimer’s Association is asking us all to gather a group of family, friends or coworkers, in honor of someone we love or just to support such a worthy cause, and join them in a walk that will bring awareness, raise funds for research and promote support in fighting such a devastating disease.

Held annually, in the fall every year since 1989, nearly 600 communities nationwide have raised over $347 million for this cause. Alzheimer’s is the only cause of death (among the top 10 causes in our country) that can not be prevented. Its death rate towers above Strokes, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and HIV, with a 66% rise in deaths between the years 2000 and 2008.

This event is completely free to participate in, although The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association encourages you and your team to raise funds or personally donate toward research, development, and awareness. Their goal is to reach 35,000 teams, nationwide, having reached 9,369 to date. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease is being held all over the United States. To inquire when and where it will be held in your state, visit for more information.

Chances are, someone you love has been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. If your family has not been directly affected, they possibly could be in the future. There is no cure for these devastating diseases but knowing the signs, symptoms and risk factors are the key to early diagnosis and treatment.

Risk Factors Include
Advancing age: Age 65 or older; doubling chances every 5 years after. At age 85, chances of contracting this disease are increased by almost 50%.
Family history: Close relative has had the disease; Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, etc.
Genetics and Environment may also play a role.

Common Signs (does not necessarily mean you have the disease)
Memory loss.
Problems with familiar tasks.
Lack of interest in usual activities.
Misplacing things. (Putting a glove on your foot)
Unusual bouts of anger or mood swings.
Problems with abstract thoughts. (Simple math, etc.)
Poor judgement.
Becoming confused, overly suspicious, afraid or dependent.
Disorientation of familiar time and place.
Problem with language.

*For more information on the Atlanta Walk To End Alzheimer’s, The Atlanta Regional Office, Georgia Chapter, go to [email protected] or (404)-728-1181.
*For information on times and places in your area, visit and type in your area code.