Fallout New Vegas Weapons Guide – the Plasma Grenade

This weapon guide will cover the Plasma Grenade from Fallout New Vegas, providing various details and statistics about the item and where to locate it.

Plasma grenades are one of the several thrown weapons available to players in Fallout New Vegas, providing a heavier damage potential than their counterparts, Frag Grenades, against biological type targets especially. They look like small brown cylinders with knobs on the end that have glowing green rings. This is nifty as it allows them to be seen in the dark more easily than some other items.

The plasma grenades explode with a large green blast of vibrant goodness, and have a wide range of effect of 400. Often times, enemies killed by this weapon will turn into the same piles of green goop caused by vanquishment at the hands of other plasma weapons.

Players looking to find some Plasma Grenades can do so at the following locations. You can find some grenades carried by the Vipers that occupy Bonnie Springs, which you have to kill for them. Inside the security room of the Securitron vault is a trio of these items. You can either steal, or purchase the Plasma Grenades from either the Nellis Air Force Bass mess or munitions hall, or at the Silver Rush if the Van Graffs are still alive and running it.

Plasma Grenade Weapon Stats
: Requires 24 action points to use, however this can be reduced to 22 with the benefit of the Plasma Spaz perk which grants -10% AP costs for all plasma weapons.

Base Damage: The plasma grenade has a base damage of 1 damage caused by striking the target with the grenade itself, with 150 damage caused by the resulting explosion. This total of 151 potential damage, can be increased up to 252 with the perks Demolitions Expert (adding +90 explosion dmg), Lord Death (increasing the explosion damage by +4.5) and finally the Bloody Mess perk (adding 0.1 to the grenade strike damage and +7.5 to the explosion damage).

Critical Chance: The weapon has a x1 base chance multiplier to cause a critical strike, however there is no bonus critical strike damage added.

Requirements: In order to use this item effectively, you will require 75 points in your Explosives skill along with a minimum strength requirement of 2 points.

Miscellaneous Stats: The plasma Grenade has 5 item hit points, a weight of .5 pounds, a base value of 300 caps and can be identified by its base id number of 00004332.