Fallout New Vegas Weapons Guide – .357 Magnum Revolver

This weapon guide will cover the .357 Magnum Revolver from Fallout New Vegas, providing various details and statistics about the item and where to locate it. You can check out pictures by clicking the numbers by the thumbnail above.

.357 Magnum Revolvers are relatively common pistols sitting on the middle range of the damage scale for pistols. The chamber can hold 6 rounds before being reloaded, although reloads faster when not fully emptied, as each bullet is loaded individually at a speed of .63 seconds. A nice little reliability bonus with the .357 is that it can never jam, making it quite dependable, besides having low skill requirements to use.

Players can find many of these pistols carried and lying around the residents of Goodsprings. Powder Gangers will also carry them fairly often. Plenty of the low level merchants sell this weapon, and practically any gun merchant has a decent chance of having one for sale.

There are two mods that players can purchase from some of the mod-selling vendors in FONV to increase the abilities of the weapon. The Long Barrel mod for the revolver grants a +3 damage bonus while adding about 25% to the length of the barrel (base id: 000eeeda). The Magnum HD cylinder adds +!00 item health points to the pistol, bringing it up to 300 total, while changing the regular cylinder for one decorated with golden patterned inlays (base id:000eeed9. Both of these can be potentially purchased from the following vendors in addition to some others; Gun Runners, Chet at Goodsprings and Alexander at the 188 trading post.

.357 Magnum Revolver Weapon Stats
: Firing the revolver within VATS will cost the player 20 action points.

Base Damage: The .357 Magnum Revolver deals 26 base damage per shot and can fire one bullet every .57 seconds, giving a base DPS of 45. Players looking to significantly increase the damage of this weapon, should look to the Cowboy perk which gives the best bonus, and will grant +6.5 damage per shot.

Critical Chance: There is a x1 multiplier to score a critical chance with this weapon, which causes an additional 26 points of damage.

Requirements: Players require no points in the Guns skill in order to achieve full damage potential, while simply requiring Strength of 3 to wield this pistol.

Miscellaneous Stats: This weapon has 200 item health points, an inventory weight of 2.0 pounds each, a bottle cap value of 110 base, and can be identified in the game files by its base id 0008f216