Fake and Bake Without Smelling so Bad; Jiffy Tan is Your Answer

Does anyone like the smell of self tanner? 90% of you are probably shaking your head no, and thinking “Oh my God that stuff smells so bad it makes me nauseous.” Is there a way you can fake and bake without smelling so bad?

Yes and no. This is a tough question, because all of the self tanners contain DHA which helps make the skin appear darker by staining the skin. The DHA mixed with fragrances is what makes the tanner scent smell so horrible. However, since summer 2011 is right around the corner I started searching on the internet for a DHA free self tanner. I thought this would be an easy task, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I did find one product that can be used but it’s NOT a self tanner, it’s a tinted lotion, which can be applied on the entire body subtle or drastically, but will wash off with soap and water. The product is called Jiffy Tan . A tinted lotion is very similar to a self tanner and so much healthier.

Why Use Jiffy Tan If You So Desire That Fake N Bake Tan?

The 3 top reasons are one contains NO DHA, which is great for anyone who can’t stand the smell of other self tanners or allergic to the ingredient DHA. Second reason if you apply the lotion and a few hours later you see a few streaks or mistakes, go ahead and wash it off immediately. This product can be removed with just soap and water according to Lucy & Lolita .

Third reason is it won’t stain your clothes. How many times have you used other self tanner waited the 10-15 minutes to put your clothes back on, and 2 hours later you notice some orange streaks? This product is not permanent, so therefore if it comes in contact with your clothing, just wipe the material down right away and your clothes will look like new once again.

Creative Ways To Use Jiffy Tan DHA Free Self Tanner

This product had me thinking. Since it’s not permanent and washes off easily why not use it to make yourself a few pounds slimmer, create more cleavage if needed, cover up blemishes, help make the appearance of scars lighter, work with your stretch marks, and use it to make your natural tan from the sun last for months? Why not?

Where To Find Jiffy Tan?

Amazon, Benefit Cosmetics, and Ulta.com. If you’r lucky maybe Ebay. Not many places carry this product, but it sounds like a real gem.

Allergic To Self Tanners Or Tinted Lotions?

Sometimes people may be allergic to the DHA or another ingredient in the tint, why not make your own self tanner this summer? In an article I wrote titled “Top Self Tanning Lotions Plus, How To Make Your Own” it will explain exactly what you need to get that instant glow. Find it here .


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