Facing Death. Gaining Life

What have you done today that wasn’t a drudge?
Try to think of this world as a game of chase.
Where one is driven to acquire a new sheen.
As clever as we are we still seek heroes from a tube,
Instead of looking in and enjoying our place in life.
I bet the Apocalypse made you think of death.

“Scuffle off this mortal coil” (1) now, forget about death.
Examine what you do, is it a joy or a drudge?
You can “grunt and sweat under a weary life” (2),
Or step back and step up and enjoy the chase.
Don’t be afraid to make plans that go down the tube.
Life is rough, so keep polishing to find the right sheen.

Its odd how we put on our most splendid sheen,
Or more correctly it is put on us after meeting death.
How did you spend you paper down to the cardboard tube?
Did you waste it complaining that you were stuck, a drudge?
Sometimes God is a bad pitcher giving you a ball to chase.
Even Sinatra thought of quitting but “that’s life” (3).

Rarely doesn’t one realize the most important things in life.
We pay more attention to the fabrics reflecting our sheen.
Our lifestyles and bank accounts are the high scores we chase.
Alive but having lost the taste for living we will see death.
When it all remains unfulfilled, this daily toil a drudge.
We can easily sit and watch another struggle on the tube.

Doing nothing will not get you video watched on you tube.
Consequences of inaction can be greater than those of action, in life.
“You peasant swain! You whoreson malt-horse drudge!” (4)
Get up and work on you plumage, your luster, your sheen!
Don’t sit around grumbling and impatiently waiting on death.
Think of what you want, in your head, but you must give chase.

The individual is the plaster so pour yourself into the chase.
The quickest path through space and time is Einstein’s tube.
Recognize there is no fear, having faced the old death.
Survival is easy, living is hard, in this short sentence of life.
Find you way back “by fountain clear or spangled starlight sheen”(5).
The power of belief in yourself will tame the drudge.

Don’t slack in the chase if you dare life.
Use a tube to focus your brilliant sheen.
Speak with death, let him alone be the drudge.

1. “Scuffle off this mortal coil”, From Hamlet 3/1
2. “grunt and sweat under a weary life”, From Hamlet 3/1
3. “that’s life”, 1966 Frank Sinatra
4. “You peasant swain! You whoreson malt-horse drudge!”, The Taming of the Shrew 4/1
5. “by fountain clear or spangled starlight sheen”, Midsummer Night’s Dream 2/1