Facebook for Small Businesses – a Starters Guide to Page Management

For any small business the world wide web can be a daunting place to embrace. Due to the constantly changing landscape of the internet, keeping up with the latest technologies can be exhausting and expensive. Between website design and development, social media, marketing and advertising, content and customer service it is surprising small companies can even compete in such an increasingly dynamic environment. In the new age of information however, if small business owners do want to elevate there sales and exposure moving online is one of the only effective choices. If you are a small business trying to get noticed there are few online tools that you should be utilizing regardless of budget or technological savvy. One of the most robust and stable business tools on the internet right now is Facebook. Free and wildly popular, Facebook is turning into a community not only meant for catching up with friends but also for catching that next sweet product deal. With the release of Facebook Ads, Facebook Deals and other Facebook commerce creators it is clear the sites importance within in the realm of business is rising. In this article tutorial we will look at ways to maximize your Facebook reach as a proprietor both on and off website.

For anyone trying to sell or promote products on the internet Facebook is now almost a necessity. For beginners the first move to make is to sign up for a business page on Facebook that is titled and registered with the company name and logo. After you create an account spend an afternoon getting familiar with the application and try to explore as many of the features and options as possible. Once you are comfortable with the basics of your company Facebook page and the system as a whole it will be time to use Facebook internally to attract potential clients and partners. The first area to peruse is the Facebook Groups section. Facebook groups are an ideal way to find targeted audiences. Facebook groups represent communities of like minded individuals and are easy ways to locate interested parties in particular genres of life. Friends unlike fans are slightly harder to attract and Facebook groups also give us a great opportunity to add friends and create a personal touch to our business interests while we network. Not only should we be out mingling but updating as well. A solid second focus on Facebook is account and page wall updates. Once you find people to interact with it is best to keep them updated on your companies latest news and events. Some of the hottest items on the internet are fresh news content and great deals, both of which Facebook page updates are perfect for. Frequent, exciting and useful content uploads go along way towards attracting new eyes and keeping the attention of old ones. Finally if you become more advanced or create a marketing budget advertisements, classifieds, contests, giveaways, coupons and freebies are all great attention grabbers and business developers that Facebook easily facilitates. To maximize your efforts you will not only have to work hard gaining traction on the site but will have to compliment your internal Facebook campaigns with off site external tactics as well.

Getting people to visit, like and friend our Facebook pages is not an endeavor accomplished by strictly hanging out on Facebook. The world wide web is a huge place and to get the most out of Facebook we will want to to try to capture outside click-throughs as well. A product website or company blog are fantastic places to garner further magnetism to your Facebook goals. In many cases starting a blog is free and having one provides an even greater opportunity to connect. Facebook has very cool linking and third party tools like the Facebook Badge which are always worthwhile to use in your available alternative internet real estate properties. Having multiple professional web presences lends much more credibility to your Facebook features and provides a powerful chance to bring fame and fortune to your Facebooking follies. Another technique that can really jump start your Facebook fancies is freelance consulting. There are numerous inexpensive options to make your experience on this famous social media portal even better. If you want to increase your social media tenacity places like www.fiverr.com and www.dollar3.com are great to get your viral juices flowing with minimal investment. Last if you want to build out your Facebook foundation, third party social network growth services are nice support systems. Applications and communities like www.twiends.com can really make a difference in your success rates. As all of this is a lot to take in and work on the most important thing to remember for beginning online retailers and sellers is just to keep active and at it.

Facebook is one of the most cost effective and extensive methods of connecting with people and good business is all about connection. Great business minds are always searching for new avenues of acceptance and Facebook is a wonderful street to drive down for affirmation and acumen. All of the information found in this article was gleamed from my time as an assistant and consultant to Facebook fanatic My Children’s Furniture. A well respected and talented UK based kids furniture business, My Children’s Furniture has gone from Facebook newbie to Facebook extraordinaire in just a short amount of time. My Children’s Furniture is a proven case that Facebook provides tremendous value to those businesses wise enough and proactive enough to take advantage of the social network giant. Once a place to manage your social life, this social media powerhouse now has a sweet suite and tie side as well. No more are we only privy to cool social tools like relationship status updates and real time chat but now Facebook has opened up whole new worlds of product discounts, offers, services and reviews. If you do not want to miss out on this professional party then what are you waiting for? Jump on the Facebook bandwagon today. If you prefer to stay in the dinosaur age of product placement and advertisement then Facebook might not be the place for you. From the results I have seen for My Children’s Furniture I would encourage any small business just getting acquainted with online selling to take the Facebook leap of faith and hopefully watch sales and customers grow in the right direction.

Small Business Facebook Account Management Quick Tip Checklist:

– Add friends, fans and on Facebook (use targeted Facebook groups)

– Join relevant Facebook Groups

– Check and accept friend requests

– Send Facebook Group messages

– Post updates and content on Facebook Account and Page walls

– Invite friends to like your Pages

– Invite friends to join your Groups

– Buy Fiverr.com and Dollar3.com social media consulting

– Identify and contact potential Facebook partners

– Answer Facebook Wall and Page messages

– Run contests, giveaways, discounts, coupons, freebies

– Use Twiends.com to increase exposure

– Push your Facebook agendas through external sources