‘Extreme Couponing’ – Online Websites to Save Money on Groceries

Call it a sign of the times, but one of the most popular shows on TV today is TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.” Saving money has never been as important as it is now during this bad economy. “Extreme Couponing” has not only promoted clipping coupons but also has introduced the world to the concept of using the Internet to find deals to enhance your coupons. The show’s “experts” use huge binders to organize their coupons. They then combine their newspaper coupons with their Internet research. The Internet gives them access to thousands of online coupons and discounts. If you want to extreme coupon like the pros, here are some websites you can use.


I love this website. This website is the most thorough and informative couponing site I have ever found. TheKrazyCouponLady.com offers steps to become as good as the couponers on the show and is perfect for the beginner. I spent hours poring over the advice and tips section.


This is a popular website for couponers. Coupons.com allows users to print coupons for popular items. They have coupons for practically everything from cereals and household products to DVDs and cosmetics.


Shortcuts.com offers printable coupons on popular items such as diapers, cereal, dog food and cookies.


Stephanie Nelson of Couponmom.com has been featured on many popular shows, such as Oprah, Good Morning America and CNN. Her advice is clear and concise, and you can enter your state to find local bargains. But you must register to use her site. Membership is free.


CouponNetwork.com is well organized. By dividing the website into food categories and featured brands, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for without looking through pages and pages of coupons.


Get coupons and coupon codes for groceries, restaurants, drug stores and online retailers at Redplum.com. The grocery coupons are divided into sections such as grains, canned goods and breakfast, making it easy to navigate the site.


At couponcabin.com, you can print grocery coupons or find coupon codes to use at online retailers. This easy to navigate website allows you to search by store, coupon or item category.


If you go to the websites of the manufacturers of your favorite products, you can find out about additional discounts, clubs and coupons that can be combined with store sales. PGesaver.com is a great manufacturer’s site for brand-name discounts.

Using these websites will definitely save you money at the grocery store. Even if you do not want to become an extreme couponer, you can print up a few coupons for expensive items. I found an online coupon for a popular retailer that gave me 15 percent off my order. That is a substantial savings! The best thing is, it only took 10 minutes to find that coupon.