“Extreme Couponing” it Might Not Be for Everyone

As our current economy continues to lag behind where it was a few years back and all of us trying to find ways to keep a few more dollars in the bank each month, money saving tips seem to be all the rage, and specifically a little thing called “Extreme Couponing”. While most of us are all about saving green when and where we can, we also live in places that don’t come with built in warehouses to store our truckload of toilet paper that was bought in bulk at a discount. With that said here are a few thoughts on why being an extreme “Couponer “may not be all it’s cracked up to be

First off, crazy coupon clipping, what do you gain from it ? I saw a segment the other day from one of those extreme “Couponing” shows, where a middle age mother proudly stood in front of her proclaimed buys which looked like a small compound full of everything processed, from canned soups to cereals, white flour baking mixes to microwave pizzas and all I could think was that this shouldn’t make me say healthy diet and “huge savings” when I see boxes of sugar cereals and cookies stacked five wide and ten deep, it should make me cringe.

Sure you can save on Kool-Aid and Captain Crunch but at what price down the road? With all the information we have on the effects of diet and poor eating habits causing health problems at alarming rates in America is it really saving you and your family anything in the end?

Next where is the realism? How many of us have the kind of extra room needed to store the quantities of food needed to buy in order to save money? I might save a bit if I buy two hundred tubes of toothpaste, but no thanks, I still want to be able to walk through the hallways of my house without having to turn sideways to keep from knocking ten boxes of my minty fresh purchase over every time I have to use the restroom

Lastly driving around to four or five different grocery stores to find the best deals just doesn’t add up. With fuel prices the way they are, you might save $1.50 on a block of cheese but you could just as well end up spending$ 3.50 on gas. Back when fuel was $1.00 a gallon or even $2.00 or $3.00 a gallon this may have been possible but with vehicle juice topping $5.00 a gallon in certain places it just does not make economic sense in the money saving department. Not to mention the extra time it takes. But hey most of us have an extra hour or two a day lying around right?

None the less it’s a great idea and if it lined up with reality and had a bit more health benefits I would be all aboard and wearing the t-shirt. Till then I will watch the sales, cut my few coupons out of the Sunday paper and try to eat and buy sensibly with perhaps one or two tubes of extra toothpaste hanging around the house.