Extreme Couponing in Southern California

Extreme couponing has found its way into homes across America. In southern California keeping up with the Jones’s and image control are integral parts of every day life. As a result couponing is often frowned upon. Presenting coupons at a store could be image suicide. As a minimum, it is embarassing to the image concious.

No matter the state of the economy Californians will pay any price to keep up appearances. It is because of this lack of frugality that the stores in California have also taken action to eliminate many favorable coupon policies their other store locations offer in other parts of the country. In other states a particular store chain may offer double coupons, while the same store in California takes only manufacturer coupons, does not double them, and rarely if ever offers store coupons.

Here are some tips for successful couponing in California:

Double Couponing: Locate stores which take double coupons. In Southern california double coupon stores are few and far between. In my area they are limited to Vons and Ralphs. In other areas these stores do not double coupons. Generally speaking Stater Brothers is the strictest of the southern California grocery stores in terms of accepting coupons. In fact I have had some difficulty getting them to accept coupons at all let alone doubling coupons

Extreme Couponing in the Big City: If you live in or near a big city in Southern California ask yourself, if I were a tourist where would I go for information. Find your way to those locations and find countless coupons for entertainment and food locations. Also, while your in the big city look for various free magazines and publications which might contain valuable coupons. Lastly, most big cities in California have more than one newspaper. Check both the local and major newspapers for valuable coupons. Coupon companies such as smartsource do not publish the same coupons in all newspapers.

Couponing in California Requires Resourcefulness: Californians loving being “green.” Create a local recycling program asking for old newspapers and ads. Recycle what you don’t need and keep everything else. This may seem like a lot of work but there is truth when extreme couponers tell you that couponing is a full-time job. Using this tip you will be saving the environment and your wage is the profits created by couponing.

Local Grocers: Southern California has numerous local grocer stores who often run specials at below their cost to lure in customers who might otherwise have went to a competitors store. The key here is to find a coupon for these below cost deals and you are often getting a product for free.

Southern California extreme couponing may require a iittle extra work but eventually you can reap the benefits and they will be great!